Toni Braxton Talks Low Album Sales & More On ’20 / 20′


    Toni Braxton 20/20 TheLavaLizard
    Toni Braxton sits down with ’20/20′.

    It is no secret that Toni Braxton’s impacted on the charts has waned during the last decade of her career and until last night, she managed to avoid that topic. However, when she appeared on ABC’s ’20/20′, the former top-selling diva was asked to address the issue of her declining sales and much more.

    Why didn’t Braxton’s last three albums sell more than 500K copies each in the US? “That’s like a one-night stand that you don’t want to talk about,” she playfully stated. “You don’t want anyone to know about those records that didn’t do well and I have a few of those.”

    Also on the list of discussion points were Braxton’s multiple bankruptcy claims, health issues, cancelled Las Vegas show and plans for a comeback. Basically, her ’20/20′ segment was a condensed version of her Vh1 ‘Behind the Music’ special. Watch the footage below:


    • dmanblanco

      awkward turtle! I wonder if she will ever have a comeback? Her bad financial decisons are something else!

    • musicfan

      i love how candid she is about how albums flopping, so much more likeable than Christina claiming you have to be a “real fan of music” to appreciate that pile of shi…sorry that “masterpiece” that was “ahead of it’s time” Bionic. MESS

      • Brenda A.

        but those albums that didnt sell well had good songs (Please, Yesterday, the whole Pulse album is hot) it’s just that her fans typically don’t want that sound from her.

    • SparkD

      Whoever said something about bad financial decisions obviously know NOTHING about Toni’s story and how many white celebrities who filed bankruptcy like Nicolas Cage, who was balling out of control.

    • MC

      I love Toni, she is gorgeous and talented!

    • MmmHmm


    • Jeweley girl

      On the Vh1 series she said she file a lawsuit against Le face
      and won. I am still waiting on this album that she was
      suppose to put last year. I agree SarkD about the Cage
      situation. I wish Toni and Tamar the best of luck.

    • Joey

      Gosh, I just can’t stand her.

      • Nadine brown

        It okay , we understand you weren’t love as a child.. so delusional, have hatred for someone who does not know you exist…

        • Joey

          .. How does me not being able to “stand” her have anything to do how I was raised. I don’t hate her, I just don’t like per personality.

    • jj20

      That hair……….

    • SparkD

      I hated the 2020 show because it had such a sensationalist tone. And you know what’s crazy, Toni mentioned that she was under a gag order to not speak on the financial terms of the bankruptcy. She mentioned along with TLC, that Usher and Nsync were going to file bankruptcy. They commended her on allowing it to go public, so artists can be treated fairly. I’m tired of all these ignorant non-factors talking about Toni and her money, when they have no understanding that both bankruptcies were totally different issues.

      If you can’t flip on celebs like Donald Trump, Elton John, Nicolas Cage and most greedy corporate business flops who filed bankrupcty, stop this stupidity with Toni! She’s living better than most of these hating thousandaires!

    • dmanblanco

      Some of Yall get so butt hurt and upset its not that serious its not like she’s your mom she doesn’t even know you exsist! She def doesn’t pay your bills lol hell she doesn’t even pay hers lol ,its just amazing how some people get so hurt when someone just says something about an artist its not that serious it really isn’t.

    • larry

      the opening and the continuous commentary was highly disrespectful! SHADE AND NO MANNERS! RUDE!

    • Pokemon Trainer (Sinnoh)

      I really enjoyed this 20/20 interview on Toni Braxtom, I’m happy she’s doing well and still singing too. Gwan Ms. Braxton!