Pink Covers Alicia Keys’ ‘Girl On Fire’ For BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge


    Pink BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge TheLavaLizard
    Pink performs at BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge.

    Alicia Keys often struggles while performing her latest hit, ‘Girl on Fire’, so another diva decided to give the song a try. The similarly named Alecia Moore, who is also known as Pink, delivered a Rock-tinged cover of the tune during her appearance at BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge and the result was quite memorable, to say the least!

    In addition to renditions of her own hits, ‘Try’ and ‘Blow Me (One Last Kiss)’, Pink rocked out to ‘Girl on Fire’ in a way that she can. How did her voice handle the pressure of the high notes? Listen to her perform at the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge:

    ‘Girl on Fire’


    ‘Blow Me (One Last Kiss)’

    Both Pink and Keys have very husky voices but the former clearly has a much better understanding of how to use her range. She made the song her own and didn’t push herself beyond the limits of her ability. Yes, Pink’s voice isn’t silky smooth but it works for her brand of singing. Keys could learn a lot from listening to this performance.

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    • Music-Doc


    • SR 85

      Ever since I heard this atrocious ass song I always asked myself: “I wonder how pink would sound singing it?” Thanks Trent for giving me my answer. She did this!!! Yes they both have husky voices but for some reason pink knows exactly how to use her to an advantage. Where as Alicia newfound husky voice……………hell she’s trying to figure out how to appropriately use it.

    • LadyKnuckles

      I look at it this way, Pink did a rendition of AKeys song, so…….yeah. So honestly your shade was very weak.



      • LK

        I like how people on here down voting truth and intelligence. I forgot many Stans live here. Stans are indeed the worst types of fans. Can’t live with truth. It’s funny because I was commenting about he shading AK’s recent singing abilities in which I DO admit that they are not at par at all, but don’t discredit the fact that it is a good, positive song. But whatever. *shrugs*

    • Tone

      Pink did a great job singing this & making it her own! Hearing her sing this just proves how difficult it may be for Alicia to sing the chorus. You could tell that it was a little hard for Pink too. She even opted out of one piece of the chorus once in her rendition. Props to Pink, tho, cause I know I sure as hell can’t sing it lol & props to Alicia, for that matter. I just wish the song didn’t have to be a single TBH! lol So many other hits on “Girl On Fire”


        Exactly! 🙂

    • Idome32

      Dare I say…much better than A. Keys. She (A. Keys) has a good voice, but Pink made this song her own. Loved it.

    • Tracy

      Yes! Alecia!!

    • Anna

      she owned the song. I love Pink ! she is just amazing. I think this Girl on Fire song doesn’t show the beauty of A. Keys’ voice but rather its limits! Can’t wait to hear her album though


      Pink does better vocally on this song??? OK
      But are u forgetting the fact that Pink wishes she could do songs like Alicia Keys does?? I think you are
      Pink better vocals (although she doesn´t do anything for me) but Alicia a way better artist. Girl on Fire is AMAZING album

      • Unbothered

        Wrong. There has never been any indication that P!nk wants to do anything that Alicia does. She just covered the song. She covers other artists’ songs live all of the time. Smh, stans.

        • JOHNVIDAL

          I was not trying to say Pink wants to make the type of music Alicia makes. Just that Alicia´s songs>>>>>> Pink average pop-rock songs. Just that and it´s obvious. And you are a fool if you think I´m an Alicia stan or something 🙂
          Her album happens to be amazing and I just defend talent

      • LK

        Don’t argue with a stan. You can never speak with intelligence with one. They can’t understand when someone is actually speaking positively of their favorite artist because everything is shady in their eyes. *sigh*

    • Kevin

      lol @ the first comment 1) Praising Trent for NO reason and 2) almost word for word copying almost word perfect Trent’s ‘analysis’ of the song.

    • pineapple

      that was my first time enjoying this song. Pink really killed it!!! wish this was actually her song though. Alicia should have sold this bad boy to someone who could handle it properly without straining

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    • Nefertiti

      This is why I said that P!nk needed to be included in that best singers list. She has control and an almost perfect pitch. So versatile! I love this cover, if anyone finds an mp3 of this, please share.

    • larry

      WOOOOW that chorus was AMAZING!

    • LOL Alicia better give this song to Pink. She owns it!!!!!

    • DOMOdotSCORE

      I like her version.

    • The Truth

      This was good. The harmonies at the end were great. Yeah Pink smashed that!

    • AK47

      I want to start of by saying that pink did a wonderful job with the cover on GOF but she still does not have the same impact on the song as Alicia does. Would love to see them work together in the future though

    • CheReiHino

      I love Pink, but, when she does these covers I think “shade”.

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