New Video: Leona Lewis – ‘Lovebird’


    Leona Lewis Lovebird TheLavaLizard
    Leona Lewis stars in her new ‘Lovebird’ video.

    Leona Lewis is a beautiful woman and she definitely knows it. In fact, she understands that fact so well that her new video for ‘Lovebird’ is an ode to her gorgeous face as she poses for a series of glamour shots for an entire three minutes.

    ‘Lovebird’ is the latest offering from Lewis’ ‘Glassheart’ album. The song was written by Bonnie McKeeJoshua Coleman and Dr. Luke, and will officially be released on December 9th in the UK. Watch its accompanying video below:

    Other than Lewis standing in a giant bird cage and donning colourful fashions, there is no connection between this video and the message of ‘Lovebird’. How hard is it to hire a an actor to play the role of her boyfriend and student writer to develop a simple plot? Lewis better hope that radio listeners enjoy the hook of this song as much as her fans have since it first debuted earlier this year because this video will do nothing to boost its chances of being a hit.


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    • Music-Doc

      I love this song, but this video… (-_-)

    • Seraj

      She looks amazing though.

    • Leo

      I love the song, I love her, but she’s too boring! she needs a song where she dances!! like Glassheart!!

    • Flop! She hasn’t been hot since “Better in time”