New Song: Tamar Braxton – ‘Love & War’


    Tamar Braxton Love and War TheLavaLizard
    The single cover of Tamar Braxton’s new song, ‘Love and War’

    Tamar Braxton is known as the loud and unashamedly obnoxious younger sister of Toni Braxton but many people don’t know that she is actually a talented vocalist. For example, the bold singer released a new song called ‘Love & War’ just moments ago and it displays the extent of her range.

    ‘Love & War’ is the lead single from Tamar’s upcoming second studio album, which is the followup to her commercially underwhelming ‘Tamar’ debut album of 2000. Listen to the song below:

    Tamar is clearly a huge fan of Toni and Mariah Carey because ‘Love & War’ is a combination of their vocal styles over a beat that sounds very similar to the work of Noah ’40’ Shebib. Regardless, this is a solid effort and it showcases the one thing bigger than Tamar’s personality – her voice.

    Hopefully, Tamar’s team has prepared a promotional campaign to support her new project because although she looks and acts like a 20-year old, she is actually 35 years years of age. Regardless of  her obvious ability, she will have an uphill battle to reenter the music scene at a time when people her age are being forced out.

    Purchase your copy of ‘Love & War’ on iTunes by clicking here.

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    • Steph

      Yesssss!!!!!! I love it.

    • Nia

      Sounds like “Trust & Believe”. No? She sounds great but I hope it sells

      • Niecy

        Yeah it does, the melody and production is strikingly similar. Tamar sounds great though, she can really sing! There were parts of the song where she sounded exactly like Toni and then Mariah, it was scary, lol.

        • I Love You Mariah

          Its similar because its the exact same beat and melody recycled by the person who produced both songs smh this is why I don’t like the music industry today they not only steal from others they steal from themselves now he KNOW he could’ve changed it up no lie I was over here singing parts of Trust & Believe *sigh*

      • Jeejees

        I’m glad I’m not the only who hears it. It’s a beautiful song, but very very similar productions.

    • MuzikManiack

      Omg yesssss TamaR, you better fuckin SANG!

    • Unbothered

      YES TAMAR! If she would shut up sometimes and just SING, she’d be so much more likeable. I LOVE this.

    • meezy

      OMG I thought I was the only one who notices the Toni and Mariah inspiration and that it does sound like Trust and Believe.

    • Truthteller

      Yass!! I love Tamar!! I truly hope she can make it!!

    • Khan

      Tamar better ACT UP on this track! Damn!

    • DOMOdotSCORE

      I like it.

    • I Love You Mariah

      Trent you are right. Our Queen Mariah Carey is Tamar’s #1 inspiration and actually the only person she has named i think and all of the Braxton sisters sound similar so this is definitely a mash up of Mimi’s and Toni’s vocals who happened to be my top 2 favorite vocalist of all time so I’m all the way here for Tamar this song and her album

    • V

      Love it! Her voice is amazing, so much depth, one of the best female vocalists out right now

    • brenda a

      I’ve noticed the Toni/Mariah mix when I hears If You Don’t Wanna Love Me this year (didn’t know about it beforehand). I wanna see where this goes for her this time. I also wanna see how her personality becomes (softer, stronger), where a Braxton’s album might go and also for Toni bro release so they can have friendly competition and both have thirty light

      • Brenda A.

        their light*

    • yoyo

      Well, her and Toni do have the sam GENES so, they’re bound to sound similar no??
      but kudos to her, this is great

    • larry

      love this song and truth in the review!

    • JustMe_Andria

      I love this song! I hope she does well with this second album. I can’t wait to hear the rest.

    • Congratulations Tamar….you sound great!!! I do hope your album sales well! You have talent…please blaze a trail between you and your on screen persona!

    • Get’em!

      This is not as ratchet as I thought it would be…She sang her ass off! I didn’t her Mariah, but I definitely got some Toni! The song is hot too!

    • Music-Doc

      This song is dope! Tamar’s background vocals sound just like Mariah’s. And, of course, during the verses she’s sounds like her sister, Miss. Toni B.

      Also, I can hear the similarities between this song and Keyshia Cole’s “Trust and Believe.” Overall, it still a great song, though!

    • Seraj

      for God’s sake you have to bring Mariah Carey into EVERYTHING

    • Liberiangirl

      She sounds really good!

    • BlairWaldorf2013

      OMG…She sounds EXACTLY like a mix of Keysha, Toni, and Mariah at various points. And I didn’t buy any of Woman to Woman but even I can tell this is a duplicate production from the itunes snippet of Trust and Believe. smh…

      Also, Tamar is going to have to get over the hump of people saying she’s copying others vocal style if she wants to be successful. She has a beautiful voice but today’s listener seems to want something unique in the sound of the artist. Not a mesh of 2-3 of your current favs. You just end up thinking about your fav and how she sounds like them instead of her voice.

    • shane

      she looks and acts like a 20-year old trent ??? ummmn she looks older

      • Stoney-Brie

        she’s winning still, the song is already a top ten hit on itunes

        • I Love You Mariah

          * #1 R&B hit on iTunes…She Won! Vince has been saying it since the first season of BFV, Timing is everything. Once her promo starts Tamara is going straight to the top of charts. I’m so glad she sat her ass down and listened to him instead of always trying to go against him. So happy for her

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    • SoAntiSocialAnd


    • HunnyBunz

      Omg! I just love this new song! Tamar’s vocals are amazing! Uhuh!

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    • why_1980

      Tamar did this! Wonder why it took 12 years to release another album? Can’t blame other people. Nevermind, she did this! And YES she sounds like Toni. I can’t hear Mariah, but I know that’s her biggest influence.

    • Jeweley girl

      Tamar sound like herself. Toni voice is much deeper
      and raspier than Tamar’s voice. I also like the song
      she did on the her reality show call Sugar. I am glad
      that Tamar is doing well.

    • CC

      I have always loved her voice since the first album. Her persona on the show made me almost forgot what an incredible vocal talent she really is. This track is a perfect reminder. Downloaded!

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