New Song: Melanie Amaro – ‘Long Distance’


    Melanie Amaro Long Distance TheLavaLizard
    The single cover of Melanie Amaro’s new song, ‘Long Distance’.

    Do you remember Melanie Amaro? You know, the first winner of ‘The X Factor (US)’ was supposed to be the next major music superstar? Well, if you need a reminder then you’re in luck because she just released a new song called ‘Long Distance’.

    Produced by Tricky StewartBonnie McKee, Mike GreenAnne Preven and D’Mile, ‘Long Distance’ is the latest single from Amaro’s still untitled debut album. The track follows ‘Don’t Fail Me Now’ and ‘Love Me Now’, both of which failed to chart on the Billboard Hot 100. Listen to ‘Long Distance’ below:

    Whoever is handling Amaro’s project needs to be fired or at least kicked in the pants. There is still no official regarding the title of her album or its release date, and all of the singles issued thus far are hardly noteworthy.

    Is it that ‘X Factor (US)’ is just another version of ‘The Voice’ where the judges are the stars and the winners have no chance of launching successful careers? Let’s see if we will get some answers when Amaro performs on the show tomorrow (December 6th).

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    • DOMOdotSCORE

      Melanie, girl, get it in order.

      Why would she agree to record this? This ain’t it.

    • Ambeezzzzzz

      I think they’re trying to release the album on the 11th of this month which doesn’t make sense. There has been no promotion and no great signature material. They need to go back to the drawing board for this one but you know they won’t. LA Reid should have his ass kicked. They should have just let Simon executive produce her album.

    • Alex Edward Jackson

      I am loving “Long Distance”…

    • O dear


    • KC

      They’re trying to give her stereotypical power ballad/dance tracks that other powerhouse vocalists found success in but something is just missing.

      Her vocals are amazing & she’s far too talented to fail. They need to get it together.

    • The Truth

      I like Melanie but I’m not sure about this song. Good luck to her I hope she does well. I think they don’t know what to do with her which is sad. She’s a very talented vocalist.

    • DLM

      Could this sound any more manufactured? Gosh lol. She has an great voice, but it seems like they’re trying to to tamper it down to make it “more commercial,” which is a shame. We need to hear that voice that got her that contract!

    • Allstar

      Another waste of talent.

    • Lamb

      Its ironic that she won the X Factor but has doesn’t have the X Factor. She has a great voice….but theirs nothing interesting about her voice, image or personality. X Factor US has good singers but no superstars. The X Factor UK has better talent and actual musicians and songwriters.

    • beel

      The first two singles were awfull but this is so good<3
      Im really into the lyrics 🙂

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    • matt

      She has a great voice but isnt really being marketed well – her first single sank..and its been a year since the show. and shes been kept out of the limelight. One problem I see is that despite her voice (and most of todays pop stars dont really sing without auto tune), she doesnt seem to have much charisma or personality – in other words, no XFactor. But if she really has a contract of 1 mill every year for 5 years, I dont know if Simon will get his money back…This song was alright…prob better when there are dance mixes. To the author- you should be a bit better informed. The album has a name TRULY which has been already announced in advance of t he 2013 release.