New Song: Khia – “Santa Baby”


    Khia Santa Baby TheLavaLizard
    The single cover of Khia’s new song, “Santa Baby”

    Twas the day after Christmas and all the house not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. Wait, what’s that noise? Is it St. Nick back with more toys? No, it’s Khia the grinch and she’s surprisingly happy. That’s probably because she has a new song called “Santa Baby”.

    Yes, while most of you were enjoying the final slices of Christmas cake, Khia was spamming Twitter with her cover of Eartha Kitt’s “Santa Baby”. Surprisingly, however, her raunchy take on the tune is actually enjoyable so take a listen below and pay close attention to the updated lyrics:

    If Khia didn’t have such a horrible reputation and a bad attitude, then people might just take her music seriously. It’s really such a shame because what the mainstream media outlets won’t tell you is that she is a better singer than Nicki Minaj and a very competent rapperl. Yet, what do I know? I’m still high on Christmas candy and wondering why the ceiling is moving.

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