New Song: Fantasia – ‘Lose To Win’


    Fantasia Lose to Win TheLavaLizard
    The single cover of Fantasia’s new song, ‘Win to Lose’

    Fantasia recently announced that her next album would be a mixture of Rock and Soul elements, and now we have the first glimpse of her new musical direction. Just moments ago, the singer released a new song called ‘Lose to Win’, which is the first single from the highly anticipated LP.

    Expect Fantasia’s album to debut in March, and it will entail music inspired by Queen, Elton John and Aerosmith. Also among the list of Fantasia’s influences is Tina Turner and the Queen of Rock & Roll’s flavour is definitely evident in ‘Lose to Win’. Listen to the song, which samples the Commodores’ ‘Nightshift’, below:

    The production of ‘Lose to Win’ is reminiscent of Turner’s work during the 1980s with the mix of keyboard and the subtle electric guitar. However, Fantasia makes it her own with her vocal performance, and the final result is a strong winter season single for both Urban and UrbanĀ Adult Contemporary radio.

    Fantasia has never been afraid to experiment with her sound and during the era where basic contemporary music is suffering, fresh approaches like ‘Lose to Win’ should work in her favour. Still, she will need to promote even harder than Alicia Keys to make her new album a success so I expect to see her live on the ‘American Idol’ stage first thing in 2013.

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