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    Patti Smith Easter TheLavaLizard
    Patti Smith’s ‘Easter’ album cover

    Did you know that Patti Smith once co-wrote and recorded a song called “Rock n Roll Nigger”?

    Smith is widely known as the unapologetic mother of Punk Rock music. However, there is a song in her catalogue that is even more notorious than her wild performances – “Rock n Roll Nigger”. The track was co-written by Smith and produced by the current Interscope Records head, Jimmy Iovine, for release in 1978.

    Does this mean that Smith is just another rocker racist? There are many interpretations of the “Rock n Roll Nigger” lyrics but many fans accept the song as Smith’s identification with marginalised minority groups. Read an excerpt from the tune below:

    Baby was a black sheep. Baby was a whore.
    You know she got big. Well, she’s gonna get bigger.
    Baby got a hand; got a finger on the trigger.
    Baby, baby, baby is a rock-and-roll nigger.

    Outside of society, that’s where I want to be.
    Outside of society, they’re waitin’ for me.

    Now that’s what I call music! Listen to “Rock n Roll Nigger” below:

    Now you know!