Mariah Carey Taunts Nicki Minaj In New ‘American Idol’ Commercial


    Mariah Carey Nicki Minaj American Idol TheLavaLizard
    Mariah Carey eyes Nicki Minaj on ‘American Idol’.

    “If you ain’t shittin’ then get off the pot” – is what Nicki Minaj once rapped as she mocked Lil Kim and the industry laughed with her because it was easy to side with the then more popular Minaj. Yet, as this new commercial for ‘American Idol’ shows, those words have come back to haunt her in the presence of Mariah Carey.

    We’ve all seen the footage of Minaj verbally blasting Carey on the set of ‘American Idol’ and this latest ad gives us a glimpse of what led to their clash. The former complained that Carey had been taunting her in the days preceding their showdown but appears that the diva was just enjoying playful banter.

    Did Minaj simply crack under the pressure of judging a show for which she is grossly under-qualified to judge? Did working with an artist who is far more successful than her make Minaj uncomfortable? Perhaps she is not accustomed to dealing with other powerful women but we’ll get a better understanding of the situation when ‘American Idol’ airs via FOX on January 16th 2013.

    Watch the latest commercial for ‘American Idol’ below: