Mariah Carey Delivers Stunning ‘Jimmy Fallon’ Performance


    Mariah Carey Jimmy Fallon TheLavaLizard
    Mariah Carey performs alongside The Roots on ‘Late Night with Jimmy Fallon’.

    Christina Aguilera appeared on ‘Late Night with Jimmy Fallon’ exactly one month ago and embarrassed herself by croaking the high notes of ‘Your Body’. Yet, her fans defended her by stating that other divas, including Mariah Carey, wouldn’t perform any better. Well, we finally got our answer last night!

    Emerging from stage left, Carey joined The Roots for a Calypso-styled rendition of her Holiday anthem, ‘All I Want for Christmas is You’. Unlike Aguilera, however, the top songbird soared through the arrangement and took her fans back to her 1990s glory days as she belted the still infectious tune.

    Watch Carey’s stunning performance on ‘Jimmy Fallon’ below:

    Now that is how a skilled vocalist projects her voice while remaining in time with the music! Indeed, Carey didn’t scream from her throat and she used her range like a true professional. What’s even more significant about this showing is that we’ve finally gotten the chance to hear her voice in its raw form without the assistance of a microphone or a backtrack.

    Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it’s safe to say that Carey’s instrument has regained much of its strength and flexibility, and that the real issue affecting her is the consistency of her performances. She definitely isn’t flawless during every show but when she is on point, she is on point!


      She slayed! I love this performance.

    • Vintage1

      This is EVERYTHINGGGGGGG!!!!

    • beystanxoxo

      wow she sounds amazing! my fave xmas song . trent ur gifs are the best!

    • xtina ‘the voice’,’the vocal bible’ aguilera

      Clearly flopriah is lipsyncing. She is a master technician at giving you the best backing tracks in the game, even accapella.
      Meanwhile xtina is blazing the top of the charts. Ya game over bitch. Gatorade. Wet towel. #lotus

      • cj

        just get over your denial stage already… even mariah’s flop albums sold more than xtina’s flop ones…just deal with it..

      • Bee

        Well that was a rather entertaining read!

    • SR 85

      Every year I run MC Christmas CD! I just absolutely loved this! I closed my eyes & twerked in my bed thinking it was the 90’s all over again lol

    • Joss

      She lost her high notes! But the song is classic!

      • KV

        Lost her high notes? What the hell are you talking about? She effortlessly belted the notes as they should have been, and sustained the two head voice notes at the end. Clearly YOU have lost your sense of hearing. Godspeed.

    • KV

      Mariah sounded fantastic! She has regained ease, clarity, agility, fluidity, and proper breath control. Although she has had her rough moments in the past few years, she’s coming back stronger than ever. This performance proves her worth as a vocalist. A true legend. I’m excited to hear new music!

    • Music-Doc

      I have so much love and respect for the woman! She sounded beautiful. I just hope her album will be even better. SN: Where are the people that said she lost her voice, ha?!

    • cj

      basic rule: when people try to pull you down, it means you are above them. the more these crazy stans try to pull mimi to xtina’s level, the more they acknowledge that mariah is waaaaay above christina aguilera’s level…

      • eva

        Like I don’t even understand the comparison or why xtina fans think that they can even come for Mariah it’s amusing to be honest and truth be told if xtina was a few shades darker she wouldn’t be getting all the praise from critics that she does she would just be another soulful singer I don’t get what’s so special she has a nice voice but what makes her better

    • RichiAngelo

      That was incredible! I wish I could say something else, but I’m just in awe of her. While before, Mariah seemed like a machine with such effortless singing, it’s amazing that 22 years into her career, she’s still able to wow us. Sure it’s not as effortless as before, but man she’s still the best!

    • Mariah_Sleighed_Me

      That was festive and joyful to watch.

      Where did this Mariah emerge from?
      She is so full of confidence now! I LOVE IT

      Her voice is renewed and restored.
      Mariah is coming to slay 2013.

    • wow my ears are soo happy hope she doesnt over work now like we kno she does


      Wow what a nice surprise: both her appearance and the state of her voice
      And then you still have to hear she doesn´t have a voice at all, etc, etc
      I would say what it´s incredible is that she and some other true greats still have any voice at all, after so many year overworking those special and fragile instruments of them (basic singers doesn´t count cos you can´t deteriorate something that doesn´t sound special, Like Rihanna or Beyonce´s voices

    • musicfan

      it started off well, i thought she sounded quite nasal towards the end of the performance

      • suman2135

        yeah, that happens if you are tone deaf!
        she nailed the song!

    • whnotaskwhy1980

      Lovely Mariah!

    • larry


      never put Beyonce is the same category as Rih when it comes to being a vocalist. B has proven herself many times, In fact every time she is on a stage performing.
      Im so happy for MC, amazing singer and an incredible performance.

    • Liberiangirl

      That was great, you go MC!!!

    • MC

      That was amazing. I am really proud of her.

    • pineapple


    • Yeah.

      Yesssssssss Queenriah!! This is amazing! I would write a longer comment but I’ve got a date with the replay button lol

    • eva

      OKAY!!!! Mariah DID THAT! Omg I wasn’t even surprised this was as good as it is. After I saw that video of singing Jazz I knew people were exaggerating when they said her voice was completely gone she’s just not in her prime anymore but she still got it though! I was just listening to One Sweet Day yesterday getting my life from those superior vocals yasss Mimi SLAYYYY

    • HunnyBunz

      Yess! Godriah!

    • Project Nebulae

      Rolling Stones 100 Greatest Singers of All Time

      Christina Aguilera – 58
      Mariah Carey – 79

      Critics have spoken. Zero care for bloggers’ opinion.

      * sips tea

      • MC

        That’s all the Xtina stans got. LOL yes Xtina placed higher than Patti Labelle, Bob Marley, Rod Stewart, Darlene Love, etc….

        • Project Nebulae

          Your point is?

          It won’t change the fact vocalists and critics alike thought of Christina as the superior vocalist than MC.


          A decade apart yet Xtina’s talent surpassed MC’s.


        • eva

          The fact that Mariah charted that low even if Tina wasn’t before her let’s me know that that list is pure shit you can go round anywhere and ask who is the better singer between the two and I’m 100% sure they will say MC and looked baffled at why you are even comparing the two Tina is nice but you can’t understand what comes out of her mouth just one big long run in unnecessary growls that aren’t even on key compared to Mariah xtina is karaoke

      • cj

        let’s give this one to project nebulae and other christina stans. bear with them, for they are still grieving over the career of their idol. they really tend to be more touchy in moments like this. i wonder who voted in that list? it is a huge complement to rank that high in that list, but you cannot draw conclusions based on that alone… we also have album sales,

      • cj

        let’s give this one to project nebulae and other christina stans. bear with them, for they are still grieving over the career of their idol. they really tend to be more touchy in moments like this. i wonder who voted in that list? it is a huge complement to rank that high in that list, but you cannot draw conclusions based on that alone… there are many other lists out there and mariah even tops some of them, but surely you won’t consider them important unless xtina ranks higher than mariah. that’s basic stan attitude.

      • suman2135

        no wonder people say that list is crap!

      • hyaci

        Anybody who knows anything understands that Rolling stones is to Mimi as Trent is to Xtina.

    • TP

      Overall I thought this was okay, but I really enjoyed how she executed the higher notes at the end. I do think this performance was gassed up by Trent since most of her recent ones were average at best and he’s an MC enthusiast.

    • AIWFCIY should be Mariah’s 19th #1 this year.

    • Seraj

      The only time of year that Mariah Carey actually becomes relevant.

      • hyaci

        Oh, you mean in your imaginary playplace? Because out here in the real world, she’s relevant year round.