Listen: JoJo’s ‘Agape’ Mixtape


    Agape Mixtape Cover The Lava Lizard
    JoJo’s ‘Agape’ mixtape cover.

    JoJo’s new mixtape, ‘Agape’, won’t be available for download until December 20th but her eager fans’ desire for her material couldn’t be denied. So, the budding diva has graciously released a stream of the entire set for their listening pleasure!

    ‘Agape’ includes the songs ‘We Get By’, ‘Andre’ and ‘Can’t Handle the Truth’, the last of which the JoJo has been taunting her fans with by sharing lyrics via Twitter. We’re still waiting on a new studio album from her but this mixtape is surely better than nothing at all.

    See the full track list of ‘Agape’ and listen to the full record below:

    1. Back2thebeginningagain

    2. We Get By

    3. Interlude Un

    4. Take the Canyon

    5. Billions

    6. Interlude Deux: Joel’s Jam

    7. Thinking Out Loud

    8. Interlude Trois: Love this Sh*t

    9. White Girl in Paris

    10. LTS Reprise

    11. Andre

    12. St. Patrick’s Day Interlude

    13. Can’t Handle the Truth

    Thanks Complex!

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