Leona Lewis Soars into 2013 with Brilliant CCTV Performances


    Leona Lewis CCTV TheLavaLizard
    Leona Lewis welcomes 2013 with a pair of brilliant performances China’s CCTV.

    She may not be able to sell albums, singles or even free ringtones the way that she did in the past, but Leona Lewis can still sing better than most of her peers. Soaring through the octaves like a pegasus on My Little Pony, the diva rocked the audience of China’s CCTV with a brilliant showing to welcome the new year.

    Lewis sang flawless renditions of “I See You” and her breakthrough hit “Bleeding Love” while donning a stunning gown as well as a hairstyle similar to that of her debut. I almost feel as though we were back in 2008 again and expected to see T-Pain follow her performance with one of his then popular tunes.

    Watch Lewis dazzle international fans on CCTV below: