Ashanti Performs On ‘A Fox & Friends Christmas’


    Ashanti A Fox and Friends Christmas TheLavaLizard
    Ashanti spreads holiday cheer on ‘A Fox & Friends Christmas’.

    The good folks at Fox want you to think that they actually believe in the spirit of the holidays instead of burning crosses in their backyards. So, they hired the reigning karaoke queen, Ashanti, to spread some seasonal cheer on their A Fox & Friends Christmas special.

    Ashanti dialed down her usual belting and wafted through her pleasant upper register as she performed “The Christmas Song (Merry Christmas to You)”. That’s right, she refused to fall victim to those shaky low notes as she did on LIVE! With Kelly & Michael earlier this month so she avoided them altogether.

    Watch Ashanti perform on A Fox & Friends Christmas and feel your heart swell with cheer along with the cholesterol from grandma’s holiday deep-fried pork below: