Alicia Keys Performs Showcase On ‘Taratata’


    Alicia Keys Taratata TheLavaLizard
    Alicia Keys performs on ‘Taratata’.

    Alicia Keys just keeps on trucking, no matter how long the road may seem. For her latest promotional appearance, the hard working singer made an appearance on French television’s ‘Taratata’ where she performed a showcase of her biggest hits.

    Among the songs that Keys sang for her French fans were ‘New Day’, ‘Fallin”, ‘If I Ain’t Got You’ and ‘Empire State of Mind’. She also delivered a rendition of ‘Girl on Fire’, which is the lead single from her recently released new album. Watch the clearly tired singer on ‘Taratata’ below:

    ‘New Day’


    ‘If I Ain’t Got You’

    ‘Empire State of Mind’

    ‘Girl on Fire’


    • Girrrl

      Somebody needs to tell her that these live performances are pointless until she gets singing lessons.

      • Joey

        By the way, you’re crazy to suggest Alicia doesn’t have a good voice … crazy.

    • Tim

      She sounds surprisingly better.

    • Unbothered

      YASSSS! THIS is the Alicia Keys I stan for!

    • Joey

      She’s amazing. Girrrl – She has been making a few stuff ups in her performances, but I think it’s fine considering how high Girl on Fire is. However, she did amazing here!

    • BlairWaldorf2013

      You know what…people can try and come at Alicia for a few pitch problems; HOWEVER, I’d like to see their FAVORITE artist get up on stage sing and PLAY a musical instrument. And then on top of that have the instrument be a classical piano.

    • Girrrl

      I’ve seen Alicia in concert in 2004 and 2010. Her voice has deteriorated. She sounded so much better and I am disappointed that she is having issues that can be solved if she would sing within her range and go back to get singing lessons. I bought the album and feel that it would be better if she sounded better.

    • DOMOdotSCORE

      I think Alicia’s main issue is that she knows that she has issues with certain notes yet she continues to try to hit them. She needs to stop that, she making it worse.

      With that being said, she’s sounding better here than in most performances that I’ve watched in the last few months.


      The album is fucking amazing. One of this year´s best for damn sure. And I´m not only talking about the little R&B world. This album can compete with pop, rock and the rest type of genres for next grammys. Or at least it should.
      I hope she exceeds expectations this first week of release in the USA. She deserves it


      Plus it´s true she sounded fantastic here
      What an awesome catalogue she has by now too. Fallin´ is amazing, If I ain´t got you is amazing, Empire State of Mind is amazing…
      True talent

    • Tim

      She’s amazing. Fallin and IF I Ain’t Got you were impeccable. AK’s thing is that every note and word is sung with conviction and purpose. Theres no word or note that’s just there. Plus her tone is just amazing. GOF wasn’t the best song for her voice I guess.
      Im a renewed major fan after these performances though

    • R&b lives

      Her album will do well internationally and in the U.S. She is consistent. I liked her performances on this show.