Alicia Keys’ Voice Quits At 12 12 12 Hurricane Sandy Relief Concert


    Alicia Keys 12 12 12 Sandy Relief TheLavaLizard
    Alicia Keys performs at the ‘12.12.12: The Concert for Sandy Relief’ concert.

    For months, many of Alicia Keys’ fans have been complaining that their favourite artist’s was in dire need of assistance. Unfortunately, their pleas were generally ignored and last night they were forced to watch Keys’ vocal cords give out while she performed at the ’12-12-12′ concert for Hurricane Sandy relief.

    Keys kicked off her set with a rendition of ‘Brand New Me’ and seemed to be a fine form until she attempted to sing her biggest hit, ‘No One’. Tragedy literally unfolded onstage as she reached the climax of the song and simply couldn’t handle the notes that once made her famous.

    Watch Keys’ voice fall to pieces at the ’12-12-12′ concert below:

    This situation is truly devastating and we can only imagine how Keys felt when she couldn’t perform her own songs. Seriously, she is only 31 years of age and she recorded ‘No One’ just 5 years ago so to experience such a sudden loss of her gift must be quite frustrating.

    Let’s host a concert benefitting Keys’ voice so that she can at least visit a doctor and get her vocal cords checked out. Mary J. Blige¬†will sing with Bono and Beyonce will follow with a moving rendition of ‘I Was Here’ while Kelly Rowland sings background.

    Info via Mr. World Premiere/Getty Images North America