Way Back Wednesday: Married In Music


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    Janet Jackson with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis

    Artists put forward their best material when they are given the freedom to express themselves. However, regardless of how much talent they possess, they often rely on of co-writers and producers to help them discover their true potential, and sometimes they forge connections that are so strong that they become married in music.

    This week’s Way Back Wednesday special will highlight some of the most prolific unions between artists and their creative teams. Fuelled by undeniable chemistry, they have crafted some of the most memorable music without ever sounding forced or uninspired.

    Listen to music by some of artists married in music below:

    Aaliyah, Missy Elliott & Timbaland – ‘One in a Million’

    Alicia Keys & Krucial – ‘Karma’

    Brandy & Darkchild – ‘What About Us?’

    Janet Jackson, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis – ‘Together Again’

    Madonna & William Orbit – ‘The Power of Goodbye’

    Mariah Carey & Jermaine Dupri – ‘Always be My Baby’

    Michael Jackson & Quincy Jones – ‘Rock with You’

    Pink & Linda Perry – ‘Get this Party Started’

    Toni Braxton & Babyface – ‘How Could An Angel Break My Heart’

    When artists find their true musical partners, the resulting songs are instant classics. Yet, all connections don’t last forever. As we’ve seen with Madonna and William Orbit, the magic often wanes over time, even if performers take a break from their teams with the hopes of finding a new spark when they reunite.

    Also, the creative energy between artists and their partners often diverge, thus leading to unions being torn apart. That is exactly what happened to Mariah Carey and Walter Afanasieff before she discovered Jermaine Dupri, and Brandy and Darkchild. Unlike the music they compose, their connections aren’t always built to last.

    Which artists formed your favourite musical union ? Who is best of those listed above? Vote in our Way Back Wednesday poll and share your opinion below!

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    • ItsMeAgain

      Mariah and Jermaine is the Dream Team in music! they are the classic timeless hits makers! Love them

      • Liberiangirl

        I agree 100%!

    • DRB

      Mariah and JD are so hit and miss. Walter was far better.

    • larry

      FANTASTIC post!!! Great producers!!!! Janet’s song is epic, MC is amazing, Aaliyah, Missy and Timbo is beyond! Wicked partnerships

    • Damn… This is such a great article…
      And there was so much magical and epic music made amongst all of these teams, I can’t pick just one! :-/

    • stoney-brie

      When u see a Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis mention u automatically think of the Lovely and talented Miss Janet Jackson!

    • MC

      I loved for Always be my baby, one of my all-time faves from Mariah!

    • David

      MJ’s Rock with You was written by Rod Temperton. MJ and Jones obviously contributed as well but the big portion of that was Temperton.

    • cj

      i read a little while ago that mariah and walter were working together again… was it a lie?

      • bob

        walter daughter wrote it on twitter she since removed her account so who knows

    • brenda a

      Toni & Babyface music marriage was solid!

    • Jman

      Janet & Jimmy & Terry only because they had no 1 type of sound they experimented and had alot of really different things, but there was/is no signitture Janet sound as there is with Michael, Mariah, Brandy, & Aaliyah. Agree or disagree thats my opinion. Nasty does not sound like Rhythm Nation, Come Back To me does not sound like Again, And Together Again does not sound like All For You

      P.S. Mariah & Walter SHIT on JD, JD & Mariah make hits (and misses). Mariah & Walter made CLASSICS. I think JD is overrated post 2005. Like I don’t think he’s good with accomplished acts, like he contributed alot to Mariah but post-95 his stuff with her seems really simple or predictable, same with his stuff with Janet and Usher. I think he needs to broaden his sound more before he works with anyone else. but its too late for that now.

      • DRB


        • Jman

          Thank you, I did have a typ when I said “Post 95 his stuff” ofcourse I mean “post 05” JD was solid, fresh and new in the 90’s.

    • eva

      Y’all betta stan for Janet Jimmy & Terry on the polls lol Janet is my fave of all time but I agree with the person above me never really thought of it that way Janet doesn’t have a signature sound but I’m not even mad I appreciate the diversity and I also agree with the person about MJ you should’ve picked a sound MJ wrote created I’m not even sure Mike did the arrangements on this song you should’ve posted Billie Jean WBSS Liberian Girl a song he actually wrote to show the true greatness of a MJ/Quincy record

    • Anonymous

      Justin Timberlake and Timbaland should be on this list also.

    • shasyl

      I’ll say M.J and Q.J…….base on stats.i believe kids are voting on this one.

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    • definitely Janet and Jimmy Jame & Terry Lewis. Look at the span of years, the number of albums they covered and created together!