Trini Trent TV: Critiquing Christina Aguilera!


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    Trini Trent TV

    The stormy weather has passed and I returned to the shade of my mango tree for a new episode of Trini Trent TV! Today’s instalment focuses on the the career of Christina Aguilera and the various problems affecting the promotional campaign for her new album, ‘Lotus’, as well as her once amazing voice.

    From Aguilera’s lack of performances to her arrogant interview persona and body image issues, I offered advice on how she could improve her chances of making ‘Lotus’ a hit. Also, I explained why Aguilera was listed so low on our list of the 16 Best Singers of the Last 16 Years.

    Watch Episode 8 of Trini Trent TV’s second season below to see me discuss all those topics and more:

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