Rihanna Dazzles With Powerful ‘X Factor UK’ Performance


    Rihanna X Factor UK TheLavaLizard
    Rihanna delivers a dazzling performance on ‘The X Factor (UK)’.

    Our God is an awesome God and today we were reminded of that when Rihanna appeared on ‘The X Factor (UK)’. Cracking the skies, the Great One sent a mighty storm across the seas and freed the latent talented hidden within the Bajan to break free as she delivered the best performance of her entire career to date.

    Belting her hit song ‘Diamonds’ for the first time on UK television, Rihanna left her fans stunned by her showing. Yes, those of us who often label her as this generation’s Diana Ross were taken back to the diva’s 1983 Central Park concert where she also impressed her critics by singing in the rain.

    Watch Rihanna perform ‘Diamonds’ on ‘X Factor (UK)’ below:

    When I criticise Rihanna for her lacklustre performances, it is because I know that beneath the makeup, tattoos and nonchalant persona, there is an artist with real potential. Today, however, she finally let that talent shine and proved that she can be good with the right direction. Reach for the stars, Rihanna!


    • the real xoxo

      there were a few bum notes but overall decent performance! I am just dreading the navy saying “this is iconic” “vocal bible” etc.

    • Jess

      She did a good job, I think people are getting a bit carried away tho lol! But congrats to her, it was nice to see her just stand there and sing!

    • cajunbajan

      It was a pretty good performance…oh and there goes Mariah again..

    • WonderLand19

      YEAHHHHHH!!!! She killed that! This era, she is really stepping it up. Long time coming, congrats Rih!

      • Lashae

        It has taken her a bit to long. She gets no props from me. IJS

    • Benron (King Of The Fucking Navy)

      #DEAD at that GIF.

      But Rihanna was amazing! #VocalAnna is coming this era.

    • Ri

      Must be tough being a Beyonce fan these days……..

      • KC


        • Benron (King Of The Fucking Navy)

          You were saying?

        • likane


      • Benron (King Of The Fucking Navy)

        They all are currently contemplating suicide.

        • Niecy

          Rihanna looked beautiful and did a good job, nice! Proud of her!

          SN:Bey has countless outstanding performances, so stop. Rihanna stays on key for most of a performance and we are contemplating suicide…? I don’t think so (she should have been doing that her whole career). I knew some of her stans were going to blow this out of proportion, smh.

        • likane


        • Lashae

          And then you woke up. NEXT!

      • Tc23

        yea so hard .. see ya at the superbowl =)

      • Lashae

        If she could actually sing, then your comment would be valid. NEXT!

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    • PinkLips

      She has Chris back into her life giving her that goody-goody.

    • Alex W.

      This performance was actually better than others, but still some pitch issues. Some notes were flat, but overall she did sing on her own this go around. Her live vocals are getting somewhat better. I would never compare RiRi to Diana Ross, she has a better weave by far.

    • Tim

      I agree with the term “This Generation’s Diana Ross.” I guess those vocal lessons payed off.

    • Music-Doc

      I am SO proud of Rihanna! She is finally taking her artistry seriously!

    • jay

      she actually sounds pretty good but she’s still not an amazing vocalist, she’s mediocre but good performance nonetheless.

    • likane

      so I do not know if the team has to pay rihanna blog
      but I find it insulting to call this performance success
      one is not even live that is prerecorded therefore not directly
      two it was just okay and this song is in the voice capacity rihanna because apart yell there is no vocal prowess and this is an insult to the other artist in the media that she can sing so yes c ‘was ok but nothing amazing rita ora even a passing factor ax made ​​it better
      I feel like everyone know that rihanna is not a great artist when she sings better people can do everything a black History

    • Unapologetic

      Helllllloooooo Likane it’s Pre recorded because of the props and the water that was used. Of course she could not do it live and dry into to resume the show. I share some of you are so pressed you all hate to see the facts. Carry on cause she’s winning and you… Well ur blogging hella pressed

    • MC

      Yes for that gif!! Good job Rih.

    • im a fan now

      • Lashae

        Its sad that you have to wait til she does an ok job at lip syncing to be a fan? Is it because she’s a pretty girl? The girl is a hot mess vocally PERIOD.

    • Jess

      Oh great, the stans are coming to the site! What is the point of bringing up Beyonce or any other artist here? Its a Rihanna post! Leave that stupidity at TGJ.

    • DOMOdotSCORE

      Decent performance.

      But what was the water for, though?

    • Yuvite

      I really don’t see a spectacular performance, she did good (that’s something!), but nothing really spectacular. She lacked breath support.

    • KingAquarius

      In a generation where 75% of the major acts have very little actual talent, sure, she dazzled us. This was better than some of her other performances (mostly visually), I’ll definitely give her that, but vocally she is still very much so lacking.

    • Jasanti

      The very last note proved that it wasn’t pre-recorded. She did an awesome job! Keep it up! What now needs to be a single!!!

    • Tay

      Wow a powerful performance by Rihanna. I must admit she made me feel chills especially towards the end.

      • Lashae


    • BlairWaldorf2013

      Some of the Children of the Corn need to have several seats. Rihanna’s visuals were quite nice and props to her Hair Stylist and Make-up Artist for ensuring she didn’t end up looking the like black Wicked Witch of the West when the water came done.

      Vocally…she has been inhaling oxygen instead of (whatever else) and it shows in her performances. Still, nothing to get OVERJOYED about unless you are a Rihanna stan. Trying to come for Beyonce though…no no kids take a step back. Rhianna was probably getting some pointer from Bey to help her strained voice. Bey is scheduled to snatch wigs, mics, titles, etc. starting early February so all the other ladies should enjoy their brief moment.

      • hyaci

        Beyonce? Yes, she’s scheduled to snatch songwriting credits away from songwriters as well. you forgot that part 😉

    • pineapple

      lovely job Rihanna. MUCH IMPROVED!!!

    • harray28

      Yassss Rihanna!!! Shine bright like a diamond *gospel sways*

      • Lashae

        Really? More like a satanic swag. IJS

    • Girrrl

      Rihanna better get a Best Pop Vocal nomination for this song at the 2014 Grammys. She slayed that!

      • Lashae

        You couldn’t possibly be serious.

    • Larry

      The gif!!!!! Hahahaha


      LOL dead @Rihanna fans getting all excited and calling this epic cos she´s doing some decent (and I mean it, only “decent”) performances lately and cos she´s gonna sell more than 200,000 copies first week in the USA
      It´s a good song (with which she didn´t have anything to do of course), in fact it´s like the only really good song on the album. But that´s it, most of it is all about visuals again and she being pretty


    • Anna

      that @Lashae person is really lame. You stay here and reply to any comment that are giving props to her. Please have a seat. why are u so concerned with rih since you obviously don’t like her. Personally i don’t spend my afternoons on a blog and i certainly don’t check for an artist i find wack. Anyway. That was a good performance. We all know she’s been sounding a mess live for many years now. So any well sung rih song is welcomed.

    • Nay

      eh.. thanks but no thanks. I checked in because he said “powerful” next to ri’s name. Boy please