Rihanna Announces New UK Single


    Rihanna promo TheLavaLizard
    Rihanna poses for a new ‘Unapologetic’ album promo pic.

    Rihanna’s team understands the importance of timely promotion. Indeed, with her hit song ‘Diamonds’ slowly losing steam on the Official UK Singles Chart, the vixen has quickly prepared its followup so that her ‘Unapologetic’ album will maintain its sales momentum.

    According Digital Spy, ‘Stay’ has been selected as the second single from ‘Unapologetic’ in the UK. Co-produced by Justin Parker, the song features Mikky Ekko and premiered on radio earlier today. The song will officially be released at the top of the new year on January 7th.

    The choosing of ‘Stay’ as the latest offering from ‘Unapologetic’ came as a shock to many, including yours truly, given the fact that the LP includes several stronger uptempo records. As indicated in my review of the album, the uptempo ‘Right Now (Ft. David Guetta)’ and ‘Lost in Paradise’ are more obvious contenders for radio airplay.

    Yet, with colder weather and many nights by the fire on the horizon, ‘Stay’ may be a winner in disguise for couples who would rather ‘cuddle’ in bed – yeah, right – than hit the club scene. Watch Rihanna perform the song on ‘Saturday Night Live’ below and determine if she made the right decision:


    • CD

      Wow waiting til Jan to release single number 2 seems weird.

      • ML

        To me, it’s perfect timing. Let Diamonds get its december sales surge and it will peak on radio and then release new 2nd single Jan, 3rd April 4th July…then we all know 8th album era is coming after that.

    • DOMOdotSCORE

      My favorite song from the album but I don’t see it as a good single choice. But hey, who knows, it could become a hit for her.

    • TeamBreezy

      Team Rihanna is about to stretch this album out circa GGGB

      • ML

        No. It will be like her last few eras. 4 singles 2nd single jan, 3rd April 4th July then new single directly after in September/October with another November release.

    • michael

      Girls, Girls, Girls. This is the best single on the cd and her finest hour as vocalist. it’s time for a grammy

    • bigphil

      Ballads do better overseas anyway, this will smash and get her those adult contemporary sales

    • lol that’s my photoshop picture of rihanna i did.