Nicki Minaj Praises Mariah Carey On ‘Good Morning America’


    Nicki Minaj GMA TheLavaLizard
    Nicki Minaj appears on ‘Good Morning America’.

    After slamming Mariah Carey on the set of ‘American Idol’ and then slandering the diva’s name on Twitter, reality has begun to set in for Nicki Minaj. In fact, she corrected her tone during an interview on ‘Good Morning America’ this morning and admitted that she went too far by attacking her idol.

    Aside from promoting her ‘Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded – The Re-Up’ album, Minaj revealed that she “adores” Carey and that most of the best moments of her childhood were possible because of the latter’s music. However, Minaj still made a minor dig by hinting that Carey may be threatened by her passionate opinions.

    Meanwhile, Carey has yet to publicly address Minaj’s accusations because she has better things to do with her time, such as recording a new album, raising her twins and nurturing the next generation of talent on ‘American Idol’. Watch Minaj on ‘GMA’ below:


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    • jessica

      Oh come on now,this girl cant win for losing. lol She praise Mariah and now she has ‘seen the error of her ways’, instead of it just being that she is an adult and would rather not keep going back and forth. No, its she has come to reality. Like come on, the more and more I read stuff like this the more and more I get aggravated with Mariah’s fans because they are making it seem like she did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. I know Nicki is crazy as hell, but come on now, people just dont go off on people for no reason. She didnt cuss Mariah out for no reason. I wish people would stop making Mariah so innocent because she isnt. All im saying is if she kept cutting me off and over talking me and basically say what I said didnt matter, I wouldve cussed her out too. But that doesnt mean I still dont love her music, you can have a problem with someone and still love their music.

      • DRB

        Nobody denies that. Mariah can be a shady bitch and we love her for it. Luckily, Nicki fell right into her trap and made an ass of herself.

        • jessica

          But just because she is shady and we love her for it doesnt make her actions right. That doesnt excuse a pass. Respect is respect no matter what age you are and since we all know how shady mariah is, we know that what nicki said she did had some truth in it. I dont know how much some people can take before they explode. Now nicki did it the totally wrong way, but she is not all the blame. I just dont like that now everything this girl does now gets a ton of hate for no reason.

      • Tay

        couldn’t have said it better Jessica. I don’t get why people think just because you’re a so called LEGEND in music gives you a right to disrespect or downplay somebody. Please we are humans first before anything and l don’t care how many songs you’ve sung, how many arena’s you’ve filled that doesn’t give you a right to disrespect somebody. My mom always told me if you don’t get anything in this life you get your damn R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

        I’m glad her and Mariah have squashed this worthless feud we already have black women at each others throats we damn sure don’t need it on public display.

      • really

        jessica u really really think nicki gets hate for no reason really??
        ha ha u must be blind seriously
        mariah can be shady as hell we know that
        but nicki is not just shady shes a contradicting
        sly, narcissistic, egomaniac, self obsorbord

        • really

          jessica u really really think nicki gets hate for no reason really??
          ha ha u must be blind seriously
          mariah can be shady as hell we know that
          but nicki is not just shady shes a contradicting
          sly, narcissistic, egomaniac, self obsessed
          ghetto bitch
          shes a horrible person she treats her staff like shit and shes obviously worried about a backlash now
          shes fake shes a fraud a swagger jacker and there the things i can think of off the top of my head people are feed up with her expect her delusional fans but shes losing fans day by day
          comparing herself to Jesus well i just cant ha ha

    • Mariah is and always will be better than Nicki,

    • John


    • Ariana

      The last paragraph *screams* lmaoooo

      You know what? I’m glad they’re at peace. It’s not like we want another panel where everyone agrees to everyone and kiss the contestants’ asses but having good chemistry among the judges is a must if you want the show to be successful.

      Dramas, feuds and nonsense are not exactly what we need so whyyyyyyyyyyyyy are we bringing up the “whose fault really is it” subject? Like, if Nicki’s accepting she did something wrong then why not to move on. Let it gooooooooo
      *plays Up out my face the remix*

    • jessica

      I know that was long but this article is so bias its ridiculous. lol I get upset because everybody keeps coming at Nicki when we know mariah isnt innocent. And like she said, she loves mariah. And you cant say that she has better things to do with her time because if Mariah had an album coming out she would be doing the same thing, talking about the situation. Its publicity, Nicki would be stupid to not talk about it. Like they say, its no such thing as bad publicity.

      • Nelz91

        They don’t get that here, they just praise holy Mariah all day. Its like most of us love and respect our parents, but we blow up at them at times. I don’t know about ya’ll but NO ONE is a higher personal authority figer than my mom.

        • Nelz91


        • Kayla

          I don’t blow up at my mom. I know my place and know better than that. I was always taught to respect my elders.

        • boonella

          Who is “they”? You people are if Nicki Minaj would pay you three cents of her time and you are on a entertainment blog defending her with all your might..

    • Every single day I come on this site, the first thing that greets me is a post concerning Nicki Minaj.If she’s not in the news for being disrespectful to Mariah, she’s releasing a new ANNOYING song or video. She’s pathetic!I’m tired of her!

    • Guess What

      This bitch is phony as hell, now all of a sudden she has all this love for MiMi but dissed her on the Re Flop. This bitch got called out for trying to start a beef with MiMi to sell that garbage album just like she did with Kim on PF. Now that Kim has ignored her wack dissess she had to find somebody new (in comes MiMi). Now that her publicity stunt failed, now she has all this love. This is the same MO that she used when she “allegedly” had love & respect for Kim but was disrespecting her since the early 2000’s. When will ppl wake up to this phony, evil ass conniving bitch.

      • really

        co-sign i soooo agree, shes a disrespectful little
        someone called jessica said nicki gets hate for nothing ha ha made me spit my coffee out ha

    • jessica

      Another thing that irritates me, people act like NICKI MINAJ leaked that video of them arguing. She didnt leak that video someone else did. They were already arguing before but they both said there was no beef to keep it moving and because they figured no one would find out. When the video was released, she had to tell her side of the story like Mariah. Im not defending how Nicki acted because it was completely wrong, but all this hate towards her now is just ridiculous because Nicki wasnt arguing with herself. She didnt do this herself. There were 2 people.

      • really

        listen nicki stop coming on blogs and defending yourself and writing down your new personality as jessica no one cares nicki bye bye ur time is up kid
        will the real Kimberly jones please stand up ha

        • jessica

          yes will she stand up!!! because she is missing lol dont bring lil kim in this that flop. lol

    • theman

      What did she say on the Reup about Mimi?

    • @PrinceRacQuan

      Jessica TOKE THE WORDS Out My Mouth. Mariah Where Is That Meek Millz Track ?

      • jessica

        lol thanks. Its just becoming ridiculous, and I really dont even like nicki minaj’s music. I think she is a pretty woman but I just dont care for her music. but all this unnecessary hate

        • jessica

          is just crazy, and its not even about her music anymore its just now people automatically hate her because of a beef with mariah that mariah probably started lol. same with keri hilson, people just hate her for no reason, because of something she may or mar not have said about beyonce.

        • MmmHmm


        • really

          unnecessary really? oh mariah i love and respect u but ill diss u in my songs the same as kim i love kim but i diss her ha er ok

    • sexicaliswagg

      So I see Nicki gonna milk this for everything its worth. I ain’t mad at you boo do you. Unfortunately it ain’t gone result in pushing many units…


      She has a WHOLE lot more people to be apologetic to! Like the ENTIRE FEMALE RAP GAME! She’s a d^mn FRAUD!

    • MmmHmm


    • PJ

      can yall stop? the feud was never even real. smdh

      • really

        how u know???

    • the real xoxo

      Damage control much? Its pretty obvious that Nicki is a spiteful women – when shes not dissing lil kim and female rappers in general, she is going at legends like Mariah Carey.

    • LilKimsKenDoll

      She looks like KIM in that picture, so eerie.
      She dissed Mariah in “Up In Flames” then now shows love. Just like she said she loved KIM but dissed her in her mixtapes and albums. im questioning Nicki’s mental health.

    • Alex

      Mariah might be threatened, and Minaj’s reality didn’t need to sit in. Also, promoting your label is also important, so don’t act like Mariah is some saint goddess who has more important thing to do. And Mariah being the one to nurture the next generation? Sure, keep telling yourself that.