New Video: Nicki Minaj – ‘Freedom’


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    Nicki Minaj imitates Jesus in her new ‘Freedom’ video.

    In her mind, Nicki Minaj is the messiah of the female Hip-Hop movement and she makes that point clear to her fans via her new video for ‘Freedom’. The song is the latest offering from her ‘Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded – The Re-Up’ album, which hit stores today.

    Donning a crown of thorns before ascending the stairway to heaven, Minaj boasts about not being appreciated by her peers for opening doors and that similar to Jesus, people won’t respect her contributions during her lifetime. Watch five unbridled minutes of narcism in her ‘Freedom’ video below:

    ‘Freedom’ is a refreshing song that renewed people’s faith in Minaj’s┬áskill as a rapper but this video goes so far overboard that is almost offensive. It is one thing to be an egomaniac like Kanye West, who actually has the catalogue of music to support his claims to greatness, but Minaj has yet to cement her position as a true Hip-Hop pioneer with her handful of hits that are all Pop records. Jesus didn’t die so that Minaj could mock his image with a headful of horse hair.

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    • MmmHmm


      • Liberiangirl

        You took the words right out of my mouth. I just can’t do the Jesus comparisons.

        • MmmHmm

          LOL Its so true

      • ML

        How did I know that you would be the first person to post LOL.

    • Shanice

      Anyone with anything bad to say about this, SUCK YUH MUDDA PUSSY

      • really

        everyone hates her now and u will deal
        even kim missy or lauryn hill didnt compare themselves to jesus like seriously sicki
        u sing twinkle twinkle little star ha ha i cant

    • Nobody

      Somebody needs to slap this broad back down to Planet Earth. I would happily do the job *Kanye shrug*

    • Girrrl

      Aww maybe this will boost her album to the top 10 on Itunes *giggles*

      • really

        doubt it

    • x

      it’s a metaphor bitch bye. She’s not even trying to be Jesus in this video tho.



    • Hyaci

      Opening doors?

      Onika needs a reality check STAT.

    • BlairWaldorf2013

      I can’t…NO Onika you did NOT just TRY our Lord and Savior the reincarnation of the Creator (Alpha and Omega) with this complete buffoonery. I am going to act like I didn’t see the row row row your boat that was supposed to be Noah’s Ark, I didn’t see the stairway to insanity that was supposed to be the path to eternal life, and the lace front, burnt weave, barbed-wire crown that was supposed to imitate the Crown of Thorns that was placed on the mesiah’s head as he boar the weight of mankind on his back. NO HONEY…YOUR TRIED IT with this one and you will be smitten for it.

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    • PinkLips

      If she’s speaking of mogul status, didn’t Queen Latifah birth her? Oh yeah, she’ll rather give Marilyn Monroe a shout out.

      • DRB


    • Polo

      Trent Always gets it!!. Just because you are the only “mainstream female rapper” of the moment does not dub you as anyone’s messiah

    • ML

      My honest opinion: It’s a beautiful video. When I heard she was shooting the video in London i had an entirely different theme…something like a scene from one of the bond movies with the city scene. THe only thing that i would change is that if she were going to go over the top (which I agree…a crown, really Nicki LOL) is that instead of having an entire scene with that on her head she should have worn it during the scene where she was sitting in the chair with the black hair. It fits the winter time but thinking about it now mixing the city scene bond them with her winter wonderland thing at the AMAs would have made it an A+…on first view B/B+

    • Guess What

      This CLONE bitch is such a narcissistic piece of shit it’s disgusting. I blame Gay Money for this bullshit, they have gassed her up so much it’s crazy.
      Nicki will never get respect from the other female rappers because she has disrespected all of them since the early 2000’s. Does she think they have forgotten all the shit she has done. Again what doors does her “DELUSIONAL”

      • Guess What

        mind think she has opened. Is it the doors that made her “copy & emulate” Kim blatantly & disrespect her while she was doing it. Nicki is just trying to say anything because Kim called her & Gay Money out & put them on blast for what they did to her. This is her way of trying to cover her tracks. What Nicki fails to realize is that she is NOTHING new in the industry & she has not surpassed any of their success. They all had endorsements & were making & selling big records.. Nicki has yet to make any real hip hop hits, because when she “tries” to get street cred she FAILS.

        One last point: When you constantly say on every single record “All these bitches is my sons”. Don’t expect support or respect from the other females at all. *crosses arms*

    • really

      bitch what doors did u open?? really? kim opended doors for you and while she had her closet door open u went in and stole her clothes and weaves while she was in jail
      #BitchStoleMyLook ha ha

      • maria


      • Guess What

        Co motherfuckin sign. This bitch is a lunatic who is so full of herself. LMAO.

      • Hahahahaha

        EL. OH. EL. @ dis comment tho! Hahahahaha *falls to the floor*

    • bionic

      i swear to god ,,,,,, u a freaking hater …………… big freaking hater…. everything she puts out is shit in your eyes …….. ur so ones sided with ur reviews … check urself

      • really

        why he a hater just cos he dont like her shit?
        does everyone have to like nicki er no
        its personal preference
        i dont like her im not a hater she is just a stuck up arrogant self centered bitch
        thats how she comes across

    • KC

      People read too deep into shit lol.

      Nas made one of the greatest hip hop videos of all time & he too involved biblical icons & wore a crown of thorns. No one in these comments would get on him. People just look for reasons to come at Nicki. I’m not even a big fan of her but there’s been way worse cases of blasphemy in music.

      All it is is a metaphor. Quit using Jesus as an excuse to attack this woman. It’s tired.

    • KC

      Missy even said Nicki opened doors lmao, let’s not deny the obvious.

      She brought female rap back to the forefront. The discussion of females in hip hop was nonexistent for years before this girl came through. Watch the BET special “My Mic Sounds Nice” where female vets in hip hop said it themselves. Watch Missy & Timb on Breakfast Club discussing it.

      Azealia & Iggy would not have this buzz w/o Nicki reviving female rap. Missy more than likely wouldn’t be working on her comeback either.

      You can not like someone but don’t downplay their success.

      • ML

        KC gurl, let them get mad. They will not change the fact that she is winning. She has done more with her career than Kim did when the 80s/early 90s rappers opened doors for Kim. The idea is that new generations are supposed to take from the best of the past and do better things with it…the haters don’t get it but the winners just keep winning.

    • I love nicki all you haters need to quit give her some love she deserves it damn lol mariah carey even mad at the girl