New Video: Azealia Banks – ‘Fierce’


    Azealia Banks Fierce TheLavaLizard
    Azealia Banks stars in her new ‘Fierce’ video.

    Azealia Banks indulges in high fashion more than a gay man with a new credit card so the ASOS company was happy to produce her new video for ‘Fierce’. The song appears on the rapper’s ‘Fantasea’ mixtape, which was released earlier this year.

    Don’t expect much from the ‘Fierce’ video, though. Indeed, banks is simply posing in fancy clothes and pretending to be Lil Kim circa 1998. Hopefully, she will get this high fashion excitement out of her system before her ‘Broke with Expensive Taste’ album hits stores on February 12th 2013.

    Watch the ‘Fierce’ video below:

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      Miss Banks is giving me lyrics, BEATS FOREVEA, and FASHION! She said she’d rather deal “with CHEDDA than a TEN!” Love it!!

    • larry

      im still stanning! lol

    • MmmHmm


    • the real xoxo

      Yeah it is a bit lil kim, but its not like blatant plagiarism like another female rapper does and Azealia has said herself without being forced to that she was inspired by kim. Bring on that debut album!

    • pineapple

      this is great. i wonder if she will ever impact the charts with one of these videos though…she is super talented, why isn’t she on the radio???

      trent can you do an azealia banks breakdown for us?

      • ImMadAsHell

        Somebody don’t want competition so they paying the radio not to play new artist or old ones. So, I’m hoping by next year radio will start playing other artist music.

    • pineapple

      where was the other guy’s part…the guy who says “i used to think i was fierce cuz i was in all the houses, i won trophies…”

    • sawa

      the reason shes not on radio is cos the bulk of her lyrics are expletives.she doesnt have clean version, i love abanks, but i dont think she is focused on radio play

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