New Song: Mariah Carey – ‘Bring It On Home’


    Mariah Carey promo TheLavaLizard
    Mariah Carey shines in her ‘Triumphant’ video.

    Barack Obama has been reelected as the President of the US and nobody is happier than one of his biggest supporters, Mariah Carey. To celebrate the event, the diva has released a new song that she wrote specifically for the man himself, ‘Bring it On Home’.

    Carey earned a standing ovation after performing ‘Bring it On Home’ at a fundraiser for Obama earlier this year, despite reportedly writing and arranging the song less than 24 hours before the show. Now, producer Jermaine Dupri has shared final version of the motivational tune. Listen to ‘Bring it On Home’ below:

    This is how is a real vocalist sounds without auto-tune, pitch correction technology or clever layering to hide her imperfections. This raw vocal proves that Carey’s voice is still in fantastic form and she is an incredibly talented singer-songwriter.

    Hopefully, Carey has more music similar to ‘Bring it On Home’ planned for her new album. I refuse to accept anything less than powerful vocal performances and beautiful arrangements. Anything less will result in me hexing Carey with the full force of the Trinidadian obeah.

    Audio via Global 14!

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    • cajunbajan

      ..Good job Mimi !

      • michael

        Yes, Mimi sounds good. It’s not “my saving grace”, not a “fly like a bird”, not a “if it’s over”, not a “I WISH YOU WELL”. The song sounds good but it’s too short, and sounds unfinished. But it has potential. Her voice dear trent is not 1/2 of what it was at UNPLUGGED. Could she sing that version of SOMEDAY? probably not.

    • Alex

      Very good!
      Hopefully the new album will be of similar, if not higher, quality!

      Release the next single, Mariah! Bring on the ballad! πŸ˜€

      • michael

        it’s time for a single. YES but leave triumphant off. Give us a WBT or a Thanks for Nothin (which should have been a woman’s anthem single).

    • Music-Doc

      Beautiful message, beautiful harmonies, and she sounded wonderful! I just wish the song was at least a minute longer. Come on, Mariah! We need new music from you now! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

      • michael

        wish she would have flown LIKE A BIRD at the end and brought the lord thru that voice LOL

    • Monica

      This sounds like trash and cheap

      • michael

        Dear monica….take two xanax and have a glass of wine – and take a bath.

    • drunkenrandom

      That GIF!

    • Naudisweet(Xtina Stan)

      I don’t think she is happy with Jermaine for releasing it. Anyway gorgeous as always, hope we get a lot of ballads on the upcoming album.

    • AshWard

      Its an alright song. Definitely better than Triumflop at any rate. No way deserves the credit you seem to be giving it though. Doesn’t showcase her skill as a songwriter at all. Chorus is flat.

    • Very reminiscent of her Music Box/Daydream vocals. I am floored! Can’t wait for the new album next year!

      • Ariana

        You heard that too!! Yassssssssss
        Song isn’t that great but I only care about her vocals just being on point. This is a song she wrote for Obama to support him & I’m glad JD released it for the fans and BO supporters. She slain me with that whistle…. I need her album NOW!!!!

    • wonderland19

      More of this MiMi! This is GREAT!

    • Sam

      This is obviously not a the studio version so you can’t really complain about the quality of the audio. We all know Mariah can slay live. Haters they gone hate…but Mariah will always bring it on home. YAASSSSS!!

      • Monica

        slay what live? the backing track?

        • Sam

          Umm..have you not ever seen any of her LIVE performances?? Clearly you don’t know how to differentiate. She may have used a backing track on a few performances ‘Obsessed’ or what not but NOBODY can deny that Mariah can sing live better than pretty much anyone out there. Please do you research.

        • Sam


    • Shea Butter

      ..I like the song but it sounds unfinished!

    • LK

      I hate that I’m at school and can’t listen to this right now. From the looks of the comments it sounds like Mariah on the ball. Yay!

    • Kayla

      That’s why I love Mariah; you can always count on her to come through with a message and uplift you. Just amazing.

    • MuzikManiack

      Yes Mariah slay my life with this song!

    • Starr

      trent what the fuck u talking about real vocalist, u know always trying to praise mariah to the highest when u know that bitch voice is done. all that fucking auto tune and pre recorded whistles. she is a drunk and a has been. vocalists my ass. Kml

    • Adrian

      This was so soulful and smooth! She hasn’t abandoned her roots πŸ™‚

      This is definitely a close cousin to Subtle Invitation and WCC.

    • Anna

      this sounds like the type of song i’d listen to on a rainy day. Don’t judge me i know it’s a clichΓ© lol nice song but… that’s it. To me Mariah can do way better

    • larry

      her power, whistle and LOW notes EVERYTHINGGGG!!!! Love the song but her normal chest vocals has changed alot and i dont know whether i like it

    • DOMOdotSCORE

      Love it. Mariah’s vocals were superb.

    • Adrian

      I love that she is learning how to use her new voice. All artists’ voice change…I mean just listen to how her voice sounded different between 1990-1995. Her vocals are still evolving and we can’t expect her to sound like Daydream. She has done TONS of life performances. I’m very impressed with her growth and hope to hear her use her lower register with more control again! I’m already singing this πŸ™‚

    • CD

      You ppl! It was written 24hours before she performed it for Obama a while back. It was written specifically for a purpose and that purpose was served. Her voice sounds amazing, there isnt any doubt she is the best vocalist ever

      • Kayla

        I know right!! They need to relax and take a chill pill. It is not that serious.

    • theman

      She sounds amazing. All of her range is there. Her voice is/sounds incredible. AMAZING !!!! She’s one of kind.

    • KC

      I really hope this is on the album.

      I love the message Mariah’s been sending lately, very inspirational.

    • I think she does the whistle too much now but i still love her

    • LK

      God please make this album sound this good and I also hope she has some random nice urban music on there too. This was giving me Mariah Mariah from way back when. This is perfect.

    • Jade_xojoey

      I lovvvvvvvve her!!!

    • sexicaliswagg

      Them vocals though? <3

    • love this song much better than triumphant by far

    • “Anything less will result in me hexing Carey with the full force of the Trinidadian obeah.” Was this last sentence necessary? Anyways it’s an awesome song!