New Song: JoJo – ‘We Get By’


    JoJo TheLavaLizard

    Earlier today, JoJo announced the release date of her ‘Agape’ mixtape and now we have the first taste of the set in the form of a new song. The Neo Soul-styled ‘We Get By’ showcases yet another side of the versatile young singer as she strives to define her voice and her artistry.

    ‘Agape’ will be available as a free download just ahead of Christmas on December 20th. Get a glimpse of what JoJo has in store for you later this year when you listen to ‘We Get By’ below:

    Whenever JoJo shares new music, she sounds more mature and complex as an artist. Her voice entails so many different colours and those facets shined on ‘We Get By’. Honestly, what else can demand from JoJo? Her tone is unique, she has a broad range and she knows how to use it while singing great music!

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    • OMG

      hehe awesome

    • DOMOdotSCORE

      Every time I hear a new song from JoJo, I get so excited and mad at the same damn time. She needs a new label.

      Great song from a great talent.

      • kAREN

        soooooo agreeee hope blackgroung read the blogs or someone tells em sighs

      • kAREN

        soooooo agreeee hope blackground read the blogs or someone tells em sighs

    • larry


    • MuzikManiack

      I love this JoJo, man she’s so talented!

    • jay

      this girl is so underrated its such a shame! I love the tone of her voice and her lower register is just beautiful.She’s amazing and She really needs to change labels, they are holding her back seriously…

    • anim

      This is the type of quality music I can chill to. Can’t wait for the album!

    • Kathy

      Whoever runs this site should choose a more flattering picture of JoJo—maybe the one she posted on her IG, as this one doesn’t work with the direction she is going in now…

    • theodosius

      BOMB ASS

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