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    The Beatles 1 TheLavaLizard
    The Beatles’ ‘1’ album cover

    Did you know that The Beatles ‘1’ album is the best-selling greatest hits album of the SoundScan era?

    Released on November 13th 2000, ‘1’ was a collection of The Beatles’ 20 Billboard Hot 100 #1 hits. The album debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200 with sales of 595K copies and despite a dip to #2 in its second week, it sold another 662K units and thenĀ 1.26 million during the week of December 25th 2000 (the highest ever single frame sales by an album beyond its opening week).

    ‘1’ took 227 weeks to cross the 10 million sales mark in the US and has thus far sold 12.11 million copies in that territory. No other greatest hits album has sold more units during the SoundScan era (1991-present) and only Bob Marley & the Wailers’ ‘Legend’ comes close. The latter set was released on May 8th 1984 and has sold 11.17 million copies in the US since 1991.

    Listen to ‘The Long Winding Road’, which is featured on The Beatles ‘1’ album below:

    Now you know!

    • MC

      I didn’t know it was the biggest selling….

    • the real xoxo

      The Beatles are simply legendary – they changed pop music. They were real musicians who actually wrote their own music and played their own instruments and had a genuine passion for it, not just doing it for money. There will never be “the next beatles”.