Mariah Carey Performs Classics At ‘Christmas In Rockefeller Center’


    Mariah Carey Rockefeller Center TheLavaLizard
    Mariah Carey performs at ‘Christmas in Rockefeller Center’.

    Deck the halls with posters of Mimi because the Holiday season is here! Last night, the 2012 ‘Christmas in Rockefeller Center’ show was filmed in New York City and everyone’s favourite festive fanatic, Mariah Carey, hit the stage with her giant wind machine to perform a pair of her classic carols.

    Draped in diamonds and sparkling costumes, Carey delivered renditions of ‘Christmas Time is in the Air Again’ from her ‘Merry Christmas II You’ album and her inescapable Holiday anthem, ‘All I Want for Christmas is You’. The latter song appears on the diva’s 18-year old ‘Merry Christmas’ album, which is currently outselling Nicki Minaj’s ‘Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded – The Re-Up’ by a large margin on iTunes.

    Watch Carey kickoff the Holiday season at the ‘Rockefeller Center’ show below:

    ‘Christmas Time is in the Air Again’

    ‘All I Want for Christmas is You’

    As most of us have come to expect in the post ‘The Emancipation of Mimi’ era of Carey’s career, she sounded near flawless in every register of her range, especially her signature soprano, but not while belting. There is something seriously affecting Carey’s voice, and she sounds rough and quite uncomfortable during several moments in her performances.

    However, all is not lost. Unlike certain younger divas who sound similar to a bag of cats whenever they try to belt any high note, Carey’s main problem mainly occurs when she tries to belt uptempo songs. Did you notice how easily she handled ‘Christmas Time is in the Air Again’ compared to ‘All I Want for Christmas is You’?

    So, Carey needs to seriously consider rearranging some of her tunes to suit her ageing instrument. Michael Buble’s cover of ‘All I Want for Christmas is You’ is perfect for Carey with the entailed lower key and slower pace. Some people will miss the superhuman vocal acrobatics of her younger years but at least they won’t find fault in songs that she can handle with greater ease.

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    • Music-Doc

      She sounded good to me! And, lol @ the conversation the guy and girl were having!

    • im impressed at how she sang christmas time is in the air beautiful

    • MyCooL

      Mariah is flawless in ‘Christmas Time Is In The Air Again’ <3 I'm shocked that she sang in her soprano for 10 full seconds in the freezing cold! She sounds better than ever <3

    • Liberiangirl

      “However, all is not lost. Unlike certain younger divas who sound similar to a bag of cats whenever they try to belt any high note” HA HA LAUGH OUT LOUD!!! Bag of cats Trent?!?! Really, you are an absolute mess. I love reading your posts :0)

    • DRB

      I can’t at the digs!!! She fell off in CRIITA when she went for the exclaimation after the long, flawless belt- I think it’s called an exclamation. Her voice is gorgeous, less agile but just get the belting together and I’ll sing we are lambily every morning and night

    • whiteboi

      She sounded amazing in Christmas TIme, that belt!

    • ME

      How many turkeys did she have we talk about Christina not dressing appropriate but Mariah needs to class it up a lot she looks tacky no wonder she lost her contract with Jenny Craig. Anywho beautiful voice and near flawless showing on both songs. she did good.

    • DRB

      Actually, I just saw another clip of Christmas Time… and it was flawless. All the belting. AIWFCIY was eh still

    • BlairWaldorf2013

      Ms Mariah still SLAYS the girls. Get into how she held her hand out during her belt in the first video like “TEAM CLASS” for all those who ever doubted her greatness. I’d like to see SEVERAL of these so called pop stars try this in 20 yrs and see what they sound like. No shade but shade.

    • Benron (King Of The Fucking Navy)

      She is hot for 40.

    • I love the silver outfit. She’s like a snow Christmas angel. I think Christmas Time Is In The Air Again was perfection, AIWFCIY is too festive and hard to sing but she nailed it 😀 Cheerful songs like those of the 1rst Christmas album aren’t as glorious as the epic ballads When Christmas comes, One child, O come all ye… etc. but is a MUST for her to sing this every year.

    • theman

      Trent u be over analyzing shyt. Both of these performances were more than stellar. Her tone was beautiful. U need your ears checked. But u have to seem unbiased. These were two amazing performances.

    • Poop

      Trent you need to have several seats. She sounds as good as she ever did and LIVE. So quit over analysing. She sounds better than everyone out there today.

    • Kendra


    • MC

      I loved both performances! She did fantastically and I am really excited for this era.

    • Houstonthequeen

      Queen Mariah beautiful. Sound beautiful. Not Xtina ugly and sound ugly

    • musicfan

      mariah’s voice is in better condition than straintina’s!

    • Matthew

      Trini you’re being too critical! The agility of Mariah’s voice is in the best shape it’s been in three years. The intro to AIWFCIY was damn near flawless. Yes, it is the slower part of the song, but the fact that her melisma and runs were legitimately solid, shows her agility is either coming back or has always been there all of this time.

    • cj

      i think 2+years is enough time for mariah to come up with an album with TEOM quality… i won’t settle for anything less. i fervently hope that she has something else up her sleeve that’s better than triumphant or bring it on home.. i don’t want her to pull off another MOAIA on us. i read before that she’s working with walter a. again, or was it just a rumor?

    • cj

      mariah wrote “christmas time is in the air again”, right?


        Yes! She is that talented

    • I just noticed she said Santa Claus go straight to the ghetto, like the Snoop song!!! Love her!!!!

    • Gabrielle

      Great job Mariah!

    • Lee

      She sounds great!

    • Gabrielle

      Hahaha thanks for editing my comment Trent! All those spelling errors I made were kind of embarrassing :S

    • CC

      As a huge LAMB, this was one of her best vocal performance in a long while. Her instrument is worn and cannot reach the level of her younger years but this is the kind of music she should be recording. Showcase her breathy butterfly vocals she appear to be most comfortable nowadays in i.e. Underneath the Stars and 4th of July. But must admit I was smiling and holding my breath during this performance cus she was on point!