Listen: Alicia Keys’ Full ‘Girl On Fire’ Album


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    Alicia Keys’ ‘Girl on Fire’ album cover.

    If you avoided downloading an illegal copy of Alicia Keys’ ‘Girl on Fire’ then you are going to be treated for your patience. The diva has made her entire record, which will be released to stores on November 27th, available for streaming online.

    ‘Girl on Fire’ includes appearances by Maxwell (‘Fire We Make’) and Nicki Minaj (‘Girl on Fire’). Along with the former, Emeli Sande and Miguel, Keys previously explained the development of the album during a live chat with her fans on Google+ Hangout.

    See the full track list of ‘Girl on Fire’ and listen to the entire album below:

    1. De Novo Adagio (Intro)
    2. Brand New Me
    3. When It’s All Over
    4. Listen To Your Heart
    5. New Day
    6. Girl On Fire (Feat. Nicki Minaj)
    7. Fire We Make (Feat. Maxwell)
    8. Tears Always Win
    9. Not Even The King
    10. That’s When I Knew
    11. Limitedless
    12. One Thing
    13. 101

    Thanks Hip-Hop N More!

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    • Danny

      Definitely not her best actually not even close but there are a few stand outs ( I LOVE listen to your heart) .. I duno I just dnt like how weak I feel her voice has gotten!

      • Suga Mama

        I feel the same way, it’s far from her best, but there is some good tracks, but her voice it’s screaming for some help and training!

      • Suga Mama

        I feel the same way, it’s far from her best, but there is some good tracks, but her voice is screaming for some help and training!

    • R&B LIVES

      she has a few good songs but it looks like the europeans are loving it more than the US cuz she is already on their itunes charts …. at least she doesn’t play it safe

    • Marie

      I guess I’m a minority here. I actually really like it!

    • NellyV85

      She has never been the best, but what happened to her voice?! This doesn’t even sound mastered.

    • the real xoxo

      Its good. Shes one of the few artists keeping the spirit of R&B alive. My favourite songs were “Not Even the King” “Brand New Me” and “Tears Always win”

      • R&B LIVES

        i really like Tears Always Win

      • Andy


    • sawa

      shoot me,but vocals aside,this is on of Alicia’s best albums in recent memory,not better than songs in A minor but better than element of freedom

    • ar85

      I’m sorry but am i the only 1 who literally closed their eyes & listen to her intro? LOL that shit was soothing for some reason. I gotta finish listening to this album.

    • Owww

      I am diggin this cd from Alicia! I havent been feeling anything since Unthinkable and that last cd bored me to tears! But this one is smooth, despite that horrible Girl On Fire sounding like she is literally a Girl On Fire, but other than that the cd i really great and cohesive. Listen To Your Heart, One Thing and 101 are my favorites!

      • Andy

        I usually don’t cry, but 101 brought me to tears!!

    • PinkLips

      Alicia is an average piano player but it’s the schtick that separates her, so that’s cool. I prefer to listen to Brenda Russell and Aretha Franklin.

    • Tim

      This album is good. It’s not better than Diary, but better than Elements. It’s a good medium. Her voice needs some water and lemon.

    • na’sjei aa’santi

      personally I don’t know what’s so horrible about her voice… Trent will make and excuse in the world for MC’s real non- singing ass and the condition of her voice, which really has been horrible from start. But will attack every other Diva or Diva in the making when they all will sing her under a fucking 100 ft. mountain… Alicia’s album is solid, from start to finish, it flows and it’s soothing, i’ll take anything other than Ke$ha, and the fool sounding as Barbadian singing about diamonds in the rain in my fucking ear… Im buying… That is ALL!!!

    • BlairWaldorf2013

      Alicia is channeling the old music…meaning she is using REAL instruments and sounds in her music. It’s giving me like New York in the 20’s/30’s with a modern resounding sound. But anybody who can only remember auto-tune this music may go over your heads. Just saying…

      • BlairWaldorf2013

        GROWN UPS ONLY…this is for those of us who want to mellow out and appreciate a senual sound that makes you kinda think about the “Love Jones movie” it’s got that kind of vibe.

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    • Brenda A.

      pretty decent. I wish Limitedless went to Beyonce though (and I’m not even a Bey fan but I can almost hear her killing it) and New Day should go to Rihanna (I am a Rihanna fan though). I LOVE Tears always win, easily my fav!. I’m glad she’s coming back but I wish her voice returned as well.