2013 Grammy Awards Nominations: Reader’s Choice!


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    The nominations for the 2013 Grammy Awards will be announced at the Grammy Nominations Concert Live! on December 5th but we don’t have to wait until then to kickoff the excitement! Continuing our annual series, The Lava Lizard happily presents predictions for next year’s ceremony and welcomes you to share your predictions!

    The eligibility period for next year’s Grammy show spanned from October 1st 2011 to September 30th 2012. As such, The Lava Lizard team has compiled a list of possible nominees for the major fields of Album of the Year, Song of the YearRecord of the Year and Best New Artist for you to debate.

    Note: these projections do not reflect the the best songs out today. Rather, they indicate the records most likely to be nominated based on popularity, quality and blatant industry politics. So, without further delay, see the full list of our predictions for the upcoming Grammy show below:

    Album of the Year

    Frank Ocean – ‘channel ORANGE’

    Lionel Richie – ‘Tuskegee’

    Drake – ‘Take Care’

    Bruce Springsteen – ‘Wrecking Ball’

    Mumford & Sons – ‘Babel’


    Song of the Year

    Frank Ocean – ‘Thinkin’ Bout You’

    Usher – ‘Climax’

    Mumford & Sons – ‘I Will Wait’

    Taylor Swift – ‘We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together’

    Fun. – ‘We Are Young (Ft. Janelle Monae)’


    Record of the Year

    Usher – ‘Climax’

    Fun. – ‘We Are Young (Ft. Janelle Monae)’

    Gotye – Somebody That I Used to Know (Ft. Kimbra)’

    Drake – ‘Take Care’

    Florence + the Machine – ‘Shake it Out’


    Best New Artist

    Frank Ocean

    Emeli Sande

    One Direction

    Lianne La Havas

    Elle Varner

    Who should be nominated in the major fields for the 2013 Grammy ceremony? Which of the above songs or artists should be omitted? Share your opinions and make your predictions for the categories of Pop, R&B, Hip-Hop and others below!


    • Love

      Frank Ocean should clean house this year. Brandy should on the female R&B front.

    • Jess

      I can see these being nominated! I think Frank will definitely get a couple of nominations! I’ll be shocked if he doesn’t! I wonder will Lana Del Rey get any

    • ….

      errrr frank ocean? nah.. clockwork orange was ok but definitely does not deserve album of the year or song of the year. he aint cleaning no house.. tired of the overrated hipster bullshit..
      miguel on the other hand. deserves a grammy or two. elle varner as well put out a solid body of work and should get a nomination at least..
      taylor swift, fun, mumford’s children, lady antelope and the rest of the white folk that nobody as ever heard of will most likely dominate though (as usual)

      • no, no, don’t touch

        donnot go there, i love miguel more but donnot put down how good channel orange

      • It was said

        PREACH!! “Clockwork Orange” LOL The biased racist media and the no good judges will give these damn awards to whomever they want. I like Miguel but no he does ot deserve a GRAMMY. his would be his 1st time at bat and I don’t think its good for 1st time at play focus to win. They tend to lose focus after winner the top award in all music!!

    • truthteller

      Miguel for R&B he definitely should be nominated. I’m willing to bet a few horrible pop songs get nominated as well in addition to Taylor Swift.

    • the real xoxo

      If One Direction or Taylor Swift win anything im not watching it.

      • It was said

        LOL prepare not to watch coz you know damn well they are going to win along with Justine Bieber.

    • the real xoxo

      also, Channel Orange is soo July 2012. People stopped caring about it after 2 months.

    • MyCooL

      Rebecca Ferguson!!

      • ha

        FUCK NO !

    • Alex W.

      Just my opinion coming out doesn’t warrant a grammy or a nomination. I do not understand the fixation with Mr. Frank Ocean the blogger have? I never heard of his music or him until, this letter was written and Nicole Bitchie did a story on him. Channel Orange is not that great of an Album or I would have purchased such album.

    • Simona

      Why not Adam Lambert? “Trespassing” is one of the best albums of the year, if not the best.I dont understand why he is so underrated?He has a great voice unlike other “singers” .I didnt see any article, about him, here.

    • sexicaliswagg

      Some may scratch their heads about the Usher record but I think you may be spot on. As for Frank Ocean, you’re right about Album of the Year and Best New Artist but Song of the year nope.

    • theman

      FO’s music is just different, it’s nothing spectacular. Carrie and Pink will probably go in the album category. They deserve to. Usher deserves some nods, that song is great.

    • Hi

      Why is one direction even a consideration of a grammy nominee? Are you fucking serious? Stop

    • Jess

      Seems like I’m the only one here who liked Channel Orange lol

    • Benron (King Of The Fucking Navy)

      Trent I love the blog but some of these will straight up never happen. I can’t see Drake nor Frank Ocean getting so many noms, and I can’t see any of the “songs of the year” winning, or even being nominated!

    • Trent! If you don’t get Frank Ocean of these lists.

      Best New Artist? I saw that nigga ONE damn time. Hell, and the stage was so damn dark if it wasn’t for my 20/20 vision I would have missed his skinny ass.

    • KC

      Elle Varner & Melanie Fiona taking home Grammys in all R&B categories & a Best New Artist nod for Elle is all I’m hoping for. I think Drake deserves a Grammy for his latest album to I guess. Lupe & Nas too.

      The 2014 Grammys should be a lot better than next Year’s. Competition is gonna be crazy.

    • KC

      Frank will definitely be nominated whether you like him or not. Channel Orange got critical acclaim out of this world so idk why y’all getting mad at Trent lol.

      Plus this year only had like a dozen albums that REALLY had hype to them (not including the one’s that missed the deadline obviously).

    • Joss

      I hope Lana Del Rey, Florence, The Black Keys will be nominated!

    • FOLLOW ME @gdboyratedloud

      i honestly dont understand the frank ocean hate. whatchu mad for? disliking ppls opinions/posts as if they dissed ya fav. gtfoh

      its either fags who mad cuz they see other ppl dick riding or its lonely whores

      check ya fav last album metacritic score, then check channel orange’s

    • JohnVidal(RIP Whitney-truegreat)

      Ok people, this is not about what we think it´s the best. It´s about what we think the grammys will nominate. That said, I don´t see Frank Ocean nominated for song or record of the year AT ALL. Maybe Album of the Year. Don´t forget the grammys have become more commercial lately, so they can really do a mess like they did when Taylor won Album and that same year Single Ladies won Song of the Year. Two fucking jokes if we focus on quality
      I don´t see Usher nominated in the main categories at all either
      Music scene has been lackluster this last year, except for this last part, but albums being released now are not eligible
      It would be would to see Lana del Rey getting some nominations, but she has not had good sales in the USA (it shouldn´t matter but u know)

    • Music-Doc

      This is a very interesting list. However, I disagree with 90% of this list.

      First of all, Frank Ocean was nominated too many times. His album was only half good. Quite simply, Frank Ocean did not live up to the hype that he, music critics, and his “fans” have created. Honestly, I think his mixtape (“Nostalgia, Ultra”) is much better than his album. I listen to “Nostalgia, Ultra” much more on my ipod than his debut album. I think “channel ORANGE” was just too depressing for me.

      Furthermore, I think Frank Ocean is very talented. I love the songs he did with Brandy, Beyonce, Jay, and Kanye, but if Frank should be nominated for anything, it should be for the most overrated artist of 2012.

      Secondly, I think Melanie Fiona’s “The MF Life” should be nominated for album of the year and best R&B album of the year. Unfortunately , though, I think she will be snubbed because of “industry politics” I also hope that Melanie’s song, “Wrong Side of a Love Song” will get a nominated for best R&B vocal performance, but I doubt that will happen either.

      Thirdly, Miguel’s “Adorn” should be nominated for song of the year and best R&B vocal performance of the year. Also, his album, “Kaleidoscope Dream” should get a nominated for best R&B album of the year.

      Lastly, I know I have done so much ranting, but I’m almost finish (LOL). I’m glad to see that Elle Varner, Usher, and Emeli Sande got some nominations. I think Nas will get some nominations for his “Life is Good” album, and his song “Daughters.” Well, at least I hope he will because that song and album deserves recognition.

    • It was said

      I love Chris Brown’s FORTUNE. I would love to see it nominated along with the single “Don’t Judge Me”. I’m not a Frank Ocean fan butthere are alot of folks in his “club” that will be crafting articles and voting so I suspect he will both be nominated and win probably for Best New Artists. Just think how politically correct would that be!

    • Shadalava

      I think “Gangnam Style” should be nominated for both “Song of the year” and “Record of the year”. Seriously, you’re missing out people.

    • fikrifachriezal

      This is my prediction for record of the year :
      1. Fun. ft. Janelle Monae – We Are Young
      2. Flo Rida feat Sia – Wild Ones
      3. Michael Kiwanuka – Home Again
      4. Bruce Springsteen – We Take Care Of Our Own
      5. Sharon Van Etten – Serpents
      6. Norah Jones – Happy Pills
      7. Jack White – Freedom At 21
      8. Maroon 5 Feat Wiz Khalifa – Payphone
      9. Miranda Lambert – Fastest Girl in Town
      10. Usher – Scream

    • william

      i hope kelly clarkson’s stronger (what doesn’t kill you) will be nominated for record of the year, song of the year and pop performace vocal … hope tha adam lambert’s trespassing will be nominated for pop album 🙂

    • ha

      MJB deserves a Grammy this year !

    • FLP

      Interesting predictions although I really expect to see a lot of Carrie underwood vs Adele going on in the top categories. Think Lana del Rey will nab some too. Definitely don’t see usher’s climax making the cut.

    • trill


    • kevin patrick

      why wasn’t fiona apple’s ” the idler wheel … ” not nominated … AMAZING album … along with jack white’s ” blunderbuss ” …