Dr. Dre & Britney Spears Rank Among Forbes Highest-Paid Musicians


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    Britney Spears shines in will.i.am’s new ‘Scream and Shout’ video.

    Crazed fans who enjoy living vicariously through their favourite artists have a reason to celebrate today. The 2012 Forbes list of the World’s Highest-Paid Musicians has been announced and it entails shocking placements by some of the biggest stars in Hip-Hop, Pop, Rock and even R&B.

    As noted on the 2012 Forbes Cash Kings lineup in September, Dr. Dre earned over $110 million during the last year and easily topped his peers as the top-earner of the year. Further down the list is Britney Spears, who outperformed all other female artists at #7 with $58 million, thanks primarily to her fragrance collection with Elizabeth Arden.

    The biggest surprise on the Highest-Paid Musicians list is Sade at #25. The band’s 100-city tour helped them to garner over $33 million during the last twelve months. Yet, all artists pale in comparison to Michael Jackson, whose estate generated over $145 million in earnings. That’s right, the late King of Pop made more money in death than any other living artist this year.

    See the full Highest-Paid Musicians list below:

    1. Dr. Dre – $110 Million
    2. Roger Waters – $88 Million
    3. Elton John – $80 Million
    4. U2 – $78 Million
    5. Take That – $69 Million
    6. Bon Jovi – $60 Million
    7. Britney Spears – $58 Million
    8. Paul McCartney – $57 Million
    8. Taylor Swift – $57 Million
    10. Justin Bieber – $55 Million
    10. Toby Keith – $55 Million
    12. Rihanna – $53 Million
    13. Lady GaGa – $52 Million
    14. Foo Fighters – $47 Million
    15. Diddy – $45 Million
    15. Katy Perry – $45 Million
    17. Kenny Chesney – $44 Million
    18. Beyonce – $40 Million
    19. Red Hot Chili Peppers – $39 Million
    20. Jay-Z – $38 Million
    21. Coldplay – $37 Million
    22. Adele – $35 Million
    22. Kanye West – $35 Million
    24. Michael Buble – $34 Million
    25. Sade – $33 Million

    Info via Forbes!


    • eva

      Lol @ Michael being the highest paid hasn’t it been like 4 yrs now lmao and where is Nicki at? And all those other rappers that brag about how much they make? & yasss SLAY them Britney and this not shade at all because I’m a semi Beatles fan but what was Paul McCartney doing to be in the top 10 of course I know he always collecting checks but you pointed out why Britney has such high numbers with perfume anyone know about Paul?

      • Unbothered

        The Beatles catalog will always keep Paul McCartney in the top. They just constantly sell that much music. And he still performs shows outside of that.

    • Adaora

      Out of the entire list, there are only 4 rappers. But if you listen to most of hip hop artist music, all they talk about is how much money they have. Smh. Sade is getting her coins quietly. She is so private. Love her though.

    • MC

      Congrats to all.

    • Matt

      Love how Britney has only sat at the xfactor table and earned more than Rihanna who hasn’t stopped all year lol also, she has only earned 1 million more than Gaga who hasn’t done nothing but tour, I wonder what this table would look like if Rihanna barely done anything!