Christina Aguilera & Blake Shelton Hold Back On ‘The Voice’


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    Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton perform on ‘The Voice’.

    The last time Christina Aguilera performed on ‘The Voice’ with Cee Lo Green, her wails of pain overwhelmed her vocal cords and she strayed dramatically off-key. Tonight, however, the cocky diva didn’t add any extra runs to her rendition of her latest single, ‘Just a Fool’, alongside Blake Shelton.

    Sounding strikingly similar to Melissa Etheridge with her now rusty tone, Aguilera did her best to remain on track with the music and was even seen clutching at her ear piece at several moments in her set. Were her efforts in vain? Watch her ‘The Voice’ performance below:

    Aguilera’s voice was unpleasantly coarse but at least she didn’t completely fall apart like she did at the 2012 American Music Awards. Also, the recorded version of ‘Just a Fool’ is far from a polished vocal performance so in Aguilera’s defence, she did sound as battered as she did in the studio so she did good job, I guess.

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    • PJ

      oh please not britney…
      As a fan who can think for himself, I’ll be the first to admit that AMA’s performance was a hot ass mess from start to finish. And those queens on stage were just as messy as the whole performance. I could not take it. Though she was nice at the end of Pitbull’s song. But JAF was not bad. Don’t go in on this and then go soft on Mimi’s whisper vocals.

      • breezystan_

        Your pressed bc Mariah still sounds way better than Christina ?

        • PJ

          Actually no. I’ve never been pressed over Mariah because the only thing that set her apart from other major vocalists has always been her control of her whistle register. During Mariah’s prime, Whitney ran circles around her vocally so I’ve never been obsessed with Mariah to begin with. An icon? Sure, but nothing to be obsessed over. And her music has only gotten more and more generic. In her peak, Mariah (and all the big vocalists) could stand at a mic and just sing good songs that were given to them by incredible songwriters and do the big diva thing that they do. Now that’s practically impossible. Leona Lewis, Jennifer Hudson, and Christina would have a bigger careers if it was still the 90s and you could stand and sing at a mic with a gown on. Christina has her own issues as far as going forward and as a fan I can easily admit that, but she’s not a bad artist at all -check her list of accomplishments. People take the cheap shots because she makes it easy for them to.

        • PJ

          And let me re-state something, I’m a fan of Mariah’s vocal abilities. I’m a child of the 80s and I had her music then and her classics are on my playlists now. She had a great voice and like everybody else I loved hearing flawlessly hit those notes in whistle register.

    • ItsMeAgain

      it wasn’t that bad tbh! but at least she is wearing pants this time!

    • x

      biased, AIDS-filled cunt. it wasn’t a Triumphant mess.

    • akjshac

      that was horrible. her voice is literally about to pack up. smh what a waste of such a wonderful gift. im over her.

    • not her fan but this song is great studio vocal and live vocals are good give credit where it is due……………coming from a mariah fan

    • MC

      Dead at Christina stans bringing Mariah into this. Mariah’s last album flopped but gurl she never flopped as hard as “Bionic” or “Lotus” added and multiplied.

      • M_Ramos94

        Memoirs barely went gold, and besides “Obsessed” all the singles that came after flopped miserably.
        Triumphant was a buzz single yet it didn’t buzz anywhere besides the Dance Charts.
        I’m a Mariah Fan but you can’t go and make fun of Christina when Mariah hasn’t been doing that great career wise either. She went from selling almost 500k with E=MC2 to selling 168k with Memoirs. Let’s be fair here.

        • TaylorSwiftArmy

          PREACH! and lets talk about the Memoirs remix album that never saw the light of day.

        • DRB

          Memoirs shouldn’t even exist and nobody gives a shit about MC2 anymore which speaks volumes about its quality but Memoirs did go gold and Obssessed was actually a hit….

        • MC

          Memoirs sold Gold in the U.S. and 1.5 million in the World and debuted with 168k first week. ? 168k was her debut for Memoirs. E=MC^2 sold 1 million in the world and 3.5 million in the world so IDK what you are talking about. Bionic debuted with 116k and has to this date touched GOLD IN THE WORLD. And Lotus sold 73k first week…..what do you mean?! Even Glitter sold 116k on its debut (the week of 9/11)….I told nothing but the truth.

      • diob

        @MC its funny that you said dead at christina stans bringing up mariah when it was just the one person. Its funny because you parade on these blogs and try to act as if you are holier than thou but you are just waiting for at least one xtina fan to say anything about mariah so that you can bash xtina. Its quite obvious. You will praise her then bash her in the next post.

        • MC

          Its not just on this blog, its at other blog sites too….they always compare Glitter and Charmbracelet to Bionic and now Lotus.

          Wow, I am so impressed by your characterization of me @diob!! How did you know my secret? Lol, I love how you act like you know me personally and know what I do….let me give you a little insight, you don’t know me and it shows by your comment. Actually, I wasn’t even going to comment before I saw the first 3 comments talk about Mariah and her vocal ability. It is virtually impossible for Trent to criticize Xtina’s singing without the Xtina stan bringing Mariah into it…case in point the AMAs and the last “The Voice” performance. Did I lie or did I hit it? I think we both know the answer…..

    • Hyaci

      First of all, I AM a fan of Xtina… from her debut until Back2Basics. Back then, she could match Mariah. Now? Let’s get real. Her screaming and shouting have put her vocal cords in a very bad place, and she is consistently giving substandard performances (Make the World Move…. AMA… ) With this, she did as well as she could, but that just puts her at Mariah’s condition: consistently bad, and sometimes brilliant.

      Mimi sounds like she might be making a comeback so far as her vocals are concerned (she hasn’t sounded this good since WBT! And BTW I’m judging by Morocco and Bring It On Home, not that one horrific Triumphant mess. That was one performance, people. She sang well that day… at the Belman’s Bar.) Xtina sounds like her vocals are in some decline, but let’s hope she’s leveling off. She did do that wonderful Hurrican Sandy performance after all Maybe she’ll really start working with Seth Riggs sometimes.

      I wish.

      Can’t wait for those ‘Hurt’ vocals to return. /le sigh

    • TaylorSwiftArmy

      “but at least she didn’t completely call apart” Call Apart? did you mean Fall Apart? its called spell check and proof reading, you should try it before you sit there and try to pick someone apart.

      • Hyaci

        You are a Taylor Swift fan. I think that invalidates anything you say about music.

        And you should proofread your own post. Ooooh, TaylorSwiftArmy tastes her own medicine, and it is bitter!

        • TaylorSwiftArmy

          Taylor Swifts “Red” Album sold 3 million copies in just 3 weeks…I think that speaks for itself, and Validates ALOT hahaha, try again. 😉

        • hyaci

          I believe that my thumbs up speaks for itself, thank you 😀

    • theman

      Memoirs was atleast certified gold with a top ten hit. “Bionic” didn’t go go gold nor did it have a hit single. Also, E=mc2 is platinum plus, but so was “B2B”, but “Bionic” faired much worse than Memoirs, after both of their previous eras. So y’all make no sense. Stop bringing up Mariah, this has nothing to do with her bitter people. Y’all keep talking about “Triumphant”, atleast it went number one somewhere, how about “LYB”.

    • theman

      By the way her voice does not sound like Melissa Etheridge’s, it still has it’s good moments. This performance was good though.

    • Kevin

      Seems like this site has a bunch of Xtina haters. Ooh, btw, there’s a song Xtina did for ya’ll. It’s called, CIRCLES. You can spin around her middle finger. 🙂

      • maria

        mariah had a circles song in 2005 just saying

    • Joss

      Mutherphuckers hahahah

      Btw they were great! Nice performance! And nice rising on iTunes 😉

    • Jamari

      I honestly think the change in Christina’s voice is a result of her pregnancy rather than abuse. Her range is clearly still there, however, the texture of her voice isn’t as silky as it once was pre-pregnancy

      • DRB

        You must be kidding me. The girl never learned how to sing or take care of her voice and she keeps damaging it to this day. Range has nothing to do with that. You can sound shitty and still hit the same note.

        • PJ

          The sad thing is that Christina was never taught how to project her voice without just being LOUD. I stan for X but anytime she’s singing softly she sounds amazing, even with her runs. But when she’s on stage and in the moment of an up tempo song generally she just gets loud and goes off. And that worked for a long time and made her ‘the little girl with the big voice’ but without trained technique, it wears down your instrument over time. She can still save her voice, but it’s going to be about song choice, technique, and discipline. Her voice alone has affected me more than any other artist and it would be a REAL shame to see it gone.

    • LSZ

      That Britney GIF killed me LMAO!!!