Caribbean Heat: Denise Belfon – ‘Wining Queen’


Denise Belfon TheLavaLizard
Denise Belfon

It has been a long time since I posted a Caribbean Heat feature on the site but with the 2013 Carnival season of Trinidad & Tobago starting to warm up, there is so much music that needs to be shared! One such track is a new song by Denise Belfon called ‘Wining Queen’.

Produced by StarBlu Entertainment and Millbeatz Entertainment, and c0-written by Ghost Writers Music, ‘Wining Queen’ is an infectious Soca tune with a catchy melody and hip-rolling beat. Belfon does what she best on this song and that is inspire her fans to wine!

So, make space in your living room and practice those dance moves while you listen to Belfon’s ‘Wining Queen’ below:

Photo by The Guardian 

  • flossy

    This song is catchy! I was nodding and bopping along lol

  • R@@@

    Yassss I need to know how to wine properly so I can fuck some shit up on the dancefloor!

  • Justin

    That’s not Jack√©e Harry in that picture?