Behind The Scenes: Rihanna’s ‘Unapologetic’ Album Shoot


    Rihanna Unapologetic BTS TheLavaLizard
    Rihanna fires shots with her friends

    Rihanna is going to release her new ‘Unapologetic’ album in just a couple weeks and if you have a problem with that then she might shoot you. Proving that she has great aim with guns, despite having none when it comes to finding the right key in her songs, the Bajan has shared fun behind the scenes footage the record’s photoshoot, which shows her at target practice.

    Expect to see Rihanna perform on ‘Saturday Night Live’ on November 10th, shortly before launching her seven-city ‘777’ press tour on November 14th. She will then issue ‘Unapologetic’ to stores on November 19th. Develop an understanding of her annual album release strategy by clicking here.

    Watch behind the behind the scenes footage of Rihanna’s ‘Unapologetic’ album shoot below:

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    • truthteller

      Looks like fun! Rihanna girl, I think that if you are serious about your career then the smoking is no bueno. You need to work on that voice of yours as it is. Still got love for you though, riri.

    • Pisces2g

      Rihanna is a brand, who cares if she can sing at this point u know, she’s an entertainer, which she does well even if it’s us laughing at the weak live performances, I AM A BIG FAN, I pay whole sale prices for the album tho baby

    • larry

      what she tryna achieve smoking on the cam?!

      • BOB

        to show she #Unapologetic I guess ha ha this era will be more skin more drama more stunts why?
        cos she’s unapologetic ha ha!! eww rihanna ur such a bad ass rebel ;o)
        pathetic she need’s to be working on her craft ie take notes from Beyonce more then Madonna mid 90,s
        at least madonna WAS a thought provoking writer bac k then and made u try think
        if u were her fan or not (im not but respect her craft)
        Rihanna is just a lucky girl who is partying having fun
        and is an amazing model for the face of talented producers
        all she does is make me think shes getting more

        • BOB

          continued— more childish as time goes on and more attention seeking and i am no hater i actually do like her music (that she had no hand in)

    • R&B LIVES

      Ok we get it Rihanna…. ur a weedhead… so what… and i definately would not waste my money on buying unapologetic…. having said all of that….. RiRi’s fashion game is on point!

      She needs a clothing line.

      • kAREN

        well she is a model so u bang on ha

    • the real xoxo

      its so funny how she thinks she is a real artist.

      • kAREN

        she thinks shes the black madonna as someone else said lol but shes not