Solange Announces ‘True’ EP Release Date


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    Solane poses for a ‘True’ EP promo pic.

    Solange caused quite a stir when she released her new ‘Losing You’ video and she is primed to keep the momentum going with her new EP, ‘True’. Set to be released via iTunes in late November, the Dance-styled record was co-written and produced by Devonte ‘Dev’ Hynes.

    ‘True’ will be available to Solange’s fans on November 27th. Although many of us would prefer to get a full length album from the quirky singer-songwriter, the EP is already being heralded a solid collection of tunes that represent her artistry. Read details of some of the songs from the collection below:

    1. Losing You
    Her first single is pleasantly upbeat for a song about love gone complicated. Solange asks, “Boy, am I losing you for good?” on this track, where the beat borrows sentiment from Madonna’s “Like a Prayer”—honest, tender, yet undeniably dance-worthy.

    2. Some Things Never Seem to Fucking Work
    The title says it all. In a song about ultimatums and questions, Solange ponders the illusion of a relationship. The vocals compete with the beat on this one, but the focus lays toward the reverberating rhythms.

    3. Locked in Closets
    If we were to ever hear a Beyoncé influence, it might be on this track, where Solange boasts her infamous Knowles vocal chops. The beat is reminiscent of Michael Jackson in his “Smooth Criminal” prime, and works flawlessly with her continuing theme of messy and addictive love.

    4. Lovers in the Parking Lot
    The tempo slows a bit on this song, as Solange continues with a strong vocal range. She regretfully admits, “I played around with your heart,” a telling piano riff adding dimension to the project.

    5. Don’t Let Me Down
    This one is more playful, with an aggressive beat that could set the foundation for a hip-hop track if need be. Not as lyrically substantial as the rest of the cuts, a feature in fact may have been beneficial.

    6. Look Good With Trouble
    Synth-heavy and full of echo, this track is versatile on its own—providing a respite from the poignant similar to the preceding one.

    7. Bad Girls (Verdine Version)
    Solange works the hell out of a falsetto on this unapologetic tune about her personality quirks. Embodying the strength of a woman who knows the intricacies of relationships, this one bookended her set well.

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    • pineapple

      wow, why an EP and not a full length album? wouldn’t her fans be willing to wait a bit longer for an LP since they’ve already been waiting years upon years?

    • MmmHmm

      LOSING YOU >>>

    • CheSkellington

      It says “Solane” under that picture.

      And I co-sign “Pineapple”.

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