New Video: Nicki Minaj – ‘The Boys (Ft. Cassie)’


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    Nicki Minaj and Cassie star in their new ‘The Boys’ video.

    Nicki Minaj has a plastic personality so it is quite fitting that she channels that facet of her brand in her new video for ‘The Boys’. Co-starring the enormously untalented Cassie, the song is the lead single from Minaj’s upcoming ‘Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded – The Re-Up’ album.

    If you’re in the mood to hear six new songs from Minaj – one of which is ‘The Boys’ – then purchase ‘The Re-Up’ on November 19th. Click here to check out the screenshot of ‘I Am Your Leader’ cover of the set by clicking here then return to watch the video for ‘The Boys’ below:

    ‘The Boys’ video actually isn’t bad and the pretty colours distract from the fact that the song itself makes absolutely no sense. Too bad people can’t see the the video while it plays on radio because that would be the only way it will crack the Billboard Hot 100.

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    • Anna

      LMAO @ using the harry potter GIF. It’s one of my fave

    • LOL

      When a soon to be “has been” attempts to put a #HasBeen back on the map. So Sad.

      Song is shit, video is fun. Both look sexy though. And b4 u comment, no i’m not “Mad” or “pressed” LOOL get a life

    • Marian

      I thought Cassie died

      • pisces2g


    • LJG

      If Nicki is going to constantly wear terrible lace wigs, she should at least wear some with bangs so it doesn’t look so terrible…*le sigh*.

    • Ugh

      Nicki is the biggest clown in the game. Tired of this pop star trying to be a rapper.

    • cajunbajan

      Sad. This happens when a model and blow up doll make music..the only good thing about this video, we actually get to see who ‘sings’ which parts, cuz the auto tune is max out..

    • CheSkellington

      The only thing I liked was Cassie

    • Dee


    • Yeah.

      What a piece of garbage! The lyrics make no sense and Nicki raps about 10 million things in one verse & not even in a way where it works. This is just a mess. The video isn’t anything special either.

    • Sarah

      The video is ok, shame the song is horrible. Cassie should just stick to modelling.

    • WonderLand19

      Watching this i realised a year ago i was a hard core fan of both Nicki and Cassie.Oh how a year can change things.

    • this video is basically a rehashed superbass. i guess she wasnt joking when she said this re-up shit would have a ‘throwback feel’. over it. wake me up when roman finally decides to leave the building.

    • this video boring.

    • BootyPoppinOnYoFave


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