Mariah Carey Sings To Sharon Osbourne On ‘The Talk’


    Mariah Carey The Talk TheLavaLizard
    Mariah Carey appears on ‘The Talk’.

    Mariah Carey is known for her jaw-dropping high notes but she can do so much more with her voice. Showing off the lower end of her five octave range, the legendary vocalist sent a special birthday message to her friend Sharon Osbourne of ‘The Talk’.

    Carey put her own diva twist on the Happy Birthday song by slowing down the tempo and gliding through her range. What a special way to celebrate Osbourne’s 60th birthday. Meanwhile Carey ‘American Idol’ foe, Nicki Minaj, can’t hum the ABCs without auto-tune and a few hours of heavy vocal editing by producers.

    Watch Carey play around with her voice on ‘The Talk’ below:


    • theman

      She’s the best, her voice is extremely versatile, that was so pure.

    • Yeah.

      Awwww, this is so sweet. She sounds good too! Especially from 0:36-0:50

    • Ariana

      The shadeeee lmaoooo

      Preciousness! I love ha!
      Her lower register truly has no match, beautiful. Oh, and she looks stunning btw!

      I like Sharon too, she has shown nothing but respect to Mariah even long before meeting Nick. Can’t believe she’s 60, werk girl!

    • DRB

      You couldn’t wait for a real link. This bootleggery… but anyway.. SING!! Where is my acapella album damn it!

    • SnatchingYourFavesWigzz

      i wonder why she didnt sing “triumphant” to her?

      • Yeah.

        You failed at trying to be shady. Nice try.

      • AshWard

        Loooooooooool my thoughts exactly.
        And for the record, why would Trent bother comparing Nicki’s vocal ability to MC? Childish. Compare Mariah’s ‘rapping’ (i.e. sing/talking like a retard) to Nicki’s and see how far that gets you.

    • DC3BKM

      Seriously Trent? The Nicki shade in every other post is getting stale. You’re starting to sound like that other purple blog site that shades Rihanna in a Stevie Wonder post just for the hell of it. We get it, you don’t like Nicki. Now please move on! You’re the one that’s starting to sound mighty pressed. Just saying…

    • Charles Foxtrot

      Her voice is breathy and tired. Let’s be real. I love her, though.

    • Kayla

      Gorgeous!! Shut those naysayers up, Mimi!!!!!

    • LouLou

      Love Mariah, but this was not good. What are you guys hearing?

    • Tyler

      Mariah’s voice wasn’t in the best shape from talking to contestants. But I don’t think the singing was supposed to be anything amazing. She just thought it’d be cute and she worked with what she had as far as vocals that day. I love when she improvises

    • theman

      Her voice was phenomenal here, haters stay on they’re job.

    • KingAquarius

      I love Mariah, but this sounded a MESS! What are you guys listening to? Mariah’s voice wasn’t in the best form today because it’s not in the best shape in GENERAL. It always hurts me to hear when my favorite singers are not be able to…..sing.