Leona Lewis Announces New ‘Glassheart’ Single, Cast Your Vote


    Leona Lewis announcement TheLavaLizard
    Leona Lewis sends special video message to her fans.

    Leona Lewis’ ‘Glassheart’ album is currently rocking the charts in the UK and she is eager to stay ahead of her competition. So, via a special video message to her fans, the young diva has announced the next official single from the record as well as plans to a tour.

    According to Lewis, ‘Fireflies’ will be released as the second single from ‘Glassheart’ following ‘Trouble’. The latter songs has thus far peaked at #7 on the Official UK Singles Chart, since being issued to iTunes in the UK on October 15th. Meanwhile, ‘Glassheart’ debuted at #3 on yesterday’s UK Albums Chart, behind Jake Bugg’s self-titled new album and Mumford & Sons’ fast-selling ‘Babel’.

    Lewis also revealed her intent to launch a tour to support her ‘Glassheart’ album during the coming months. However, information regarding the dates and venues have yet to be revealed. Watch her break the news below:

    As noted in my review of Lewis’ ‘Glassheart’ album, there are far better choices for a second single off this record than ‘Fireflies’. The song is definitely a beautiful number but with this current Dance-heavy radio climate, Lewis will need a track with bit more tempo if she hopes to make an impact on the charts.

    Honestly, ‘Fireflies’ is quite dull until the buildup of the last 90 seconds so why was it chosen? ‘I to You’, ‘When it Hurts’, the ‘Glassheart’ title track and ‘Shake You Up’ would be much better choices for a new single.

    So, this is where you come in. Cast your vote for the next ‘Glassheart’ single below. You never know who will see the results of this poll and your voice might inspire Lewis’ team to change their minds!

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    • olly_tei

      Glass Heart should be the next single, but fire flies would make for an amazing live performance. She should have sung it at the stand up for cancer telephon as opposed to that old and stale “Run” song -_-

      Either way this album has a tone great potential singles.

    • Glassheart

      My choice is not on there. I To You

    • TheBoss

      Not sure what to think anymore…
      Fireflies is a very good song but it takes too long to build up, Good Luck to her.

    • South of Love

      Fireflies does have a Christimas-like feel to it, I think that’s what she wanted it for. I think it would be great for her to release “Fireflies” and “Glassheart” simulataneously and release it to different radio formats.

    • Music-Doc

      What are they thinking “Fireflies” should not be the next single. Yes, it’s a great song, but it’s too damn slow!

      Dear Leona or Leona’s team,

      Please make “Shake You Up” the next single! I really do feel that this song could be a hit.

      Also, please let “Glassheart” (the song) not become a single. It is the most annoying song on the album.