Beyonce Delivers Odd Performance At Jay-Z Barclays Center Show


    Beyonce surprise sat Jay-Z’s Barclays Center concert.

    Jay-Z ended his Barclays Center concert series in a big way this evening with high profile appearances by a who’s who of this Hip-Hop music scene. However, the standout guest was none other than his wife Beyonce, who surprised her fans with a pair of performances with her husband.

    Donning her usual blonde wig, Beyonce pounced on the Barclays stage to deliver renditions of her hits ‘Diva’, ‘Crazy in Love’ and ‘Forever Young’. However, the normally high energy entertainer was quite tame and strangely dressed in a loose fitting shirt that hid her mid-section.

    Watch Beyonce perform at the Barclays show below:

    ‘Diva’ & ‘Crazy in Love’

    ‘Forever Young’

    From the missed cues to the out of breath vocals and sluggish dancing, Beyonce was definitely not in prime form this evening. In fact, add those factors to her fashion choices and it’s easy to assume that she just might be pregnant again. Either way, her appearance at Barclays was fun to watch a treat for her adoring crazies fans.


    • Jigga said she wasn’t preggers though

    • tonya

      jigga lies though…lol

      • Sam

        yea if she is pregnant he wouldnt tell us anyway ..

    • Brendan

      this is prob one of her weakest performances.. i mean she still completely shitted on most peoples best but yeah this was surprisingly tame.. she either decided to do it last min and threw it together or shes preggo (which i think maybe the case if you saw that lil bump two weeks ago) either way id welcome a bey comeback soon im not her biggest fan but after watching award shows this year they have seriously been lacking in the good performer catergory

      • Que

        haha i know .. most artists best performance dnt even come close to her worst smh

    • nothere4it

      this is trash

    • Von Tae’

      Bey Slayed That Stage Tonight. I Saw Nothing ODD or Nothing Crazy About It.

    • I just can’t

      Trent will say anything just to hate on some one smh..really her outfit choice? it was a met’s body suit, your thee only blogger I know that will find the smallest thing just to downgrade an amazing performance from a perfomer that isn’t your fave smh..I just can’t

      • Liberiangirl

        See…coming for Trent is what you will not do! Trent is “thee only blogger” have you heard of Trent’s shade towards Beyonce looks like gold compared to what Sandra posts. I’m sure Beyonce and her camp learned their lesson last go around with Beyonce’s “pregnancy” so now Beyonce is being extra careful not to make herself look suspicious.

      • KilliousBey

        I wrote him that on his twitter he finds the smallest things to bug about like her “usual” blonde hair which is clearly brown, or her saggy clothes which is clearly a freaking track jacket. He wants her to fall off.

    • Zach

      comeback beyonce please!!! save us from the wackness thats been defacing stages from awards show to tv performances!! ur so missed!!

    • Girrrl

      She’s probably just getting used to performing again.

      • Liberiangirl

        Or she didn’t use “pre-recorded” vocals this time and actually sung “live”

        • m2derr

          Bitch, shut the fuck up with your lame, hating ass. Fail.

    • V

      I’m a hardcore stan but i will say the performance was odd to put it nicely. Love that hat tho

    • Rih

      Bitch has been inspired by Queen Rihanna.

    • Benron (I sold Bey Her Reborn Doll)

      Same boring ass shaking, hip rolling, same costumes, same BORING stage, and same boring Beyonce. lll we have to wait for now is to see who Beyawnce “WAS INSPIRED BY” This time, she is a theiving hoe and a liar.

      And she even sounded like shit. Her voice was dry and toneless. BoringOnce STRIKES AGAIN.

      • John

        Go in sir/ms!!!!!

      • yo yo yo

        Lol she needs to stay her ass on vacation I personally enjoy NOT seeing her. you are not missed by me. The stans see no wrong in anything she does then they get mad when someone has an opinion about her. She is not paying your bills or know any of Yall personally so keep on making her rich and taking up for someone u don’t and will never ever know. FOOLS.

        • Zach

          u enjoy not seeing her so much u just had to stop on the post and comment .. ya okay *sighs*

    • “odd” is not the word to describe them tbh

    • nolove

      I love beyonce I really do, I use to be the biggest stan of hers back in the day. but I’m so use to seeing her perform that now when I watch her perform she does nothing for me :/ ol well she looks nice tho and I agree with you Trent this is a odd performance for her. Everybody wants her to come back so bad,they don’t understand the only thing on her mind is her husband and blue. people might as well face facts! *shrugs*

    • Micky Click

      I’m SO Tired Of Jay-Z Like Boobitchbye

      • KilliousBey

        I was tired of going of talking to my cousin. You know how i fixed that problem? i stopped talking to her,I cut myself off, at family BBQS I avoid her presence. I dont go looking for and talk about how i dont like her. You clearly need to take notes if you don’t JAYZ dont click on a link that directs you to his post.

    • olivia

      wasn’t her best but still enjoyable i missed her so much lol

    • Jay

      May not be her best but ever since the woman left the stage, we’ve been cursed with these talentless and stiff performers. The only few are Chris and Usher. Ciara can’t book a stage yet so I can’t include her with the other two performers.

    • LOL

      You said pregnant “again” < LOOL

    • Muah

      TBH, she looked and acted like she had a couple of drinks before walking out.

    • olly_tei

      It was a bit awkward. I think its just cos shes been away from the stage for a while, i doubt this had much prep. She was also trying a bit too hard in the 1st 2 performances, her vocals made the jumps from gutsy to simply shouting lol. I’m just waiting on new music and hopefully a rejuvanated live show..

    • olly_tei

      Still better then most

    • Jess

      I think she was just a little drunk lol! Its not that big a deal

    • @CheSkellington

      Sorry.(not really) This doesn’t say pregnant to me. Her performances while she was pregnant were better than this and she didn’t do horrible. Watching her made me think Mama Tina agreed to watch Blue and this was thrown together at the last minute.

    • yup this was trash. maybe shes losing it, maybe shes preggers. hey, i guess everyone cant have it forever. i mean look at usher today.

    • Flyfoxx

      Even though this performance is not up to her usual standards. Her worst>>>>>Your Faves Best i.e Rihanna, Lady Gaga, Brandy, Ciara etc

    • MmmHmm


    • Anna

      2:09 of the first video she just looks TIRED and like she doesn’t want to be there (or maybe is it disappointment. I know she likes when her performances are on point and it wasn’t). i mean look at how she is watching the crowd at that part. i think Beyoncé hasn’t been training for performing in a while! but obviously being a mother and an entertainer isn’t an easy thing and requires more work that she thought. This is probably one of her worst performances.

    • Adam

      Trent will look for any reason to hate on Bey. Ugh.
      This might not be her best performance but hell she out performed most artists.
      Bey stays SLAYING your fave.

    • Sane

      #NoShade Umm… is it me or I heard booing? lol

      I don’t think it was Beyonce at her best, but it wasn’t horrid either..She’s been out of it for awhile, and her body internally is weaker now especially after a C-section. It takes along time to heal..Like Mariah, who is a FAR better singer than Beyonce but she’s been out of it for awhile…But her vocals live are steadily bettering…Even the best of the best become somewhat out of practice

      Beyonce still did a good job though she appeared tired..she stayed triumphant! =+)

      • KilliousBey

        NO BOOING _/

      • sunshine

        She didn’t have a c-section fool

    • TruthTeller

      Beyonce is so ugly and old looking without makeup. And we all know her phony ass was never pregnant with the FIRST child let alone another child. You are a diva if you have to tell people you are one.

      Take a seat Man-Yonce, with ur flat bootie and thick neck

      • Frankie

        how the hell are people this misreable and negative?! it just baffles me .. there are artists that i dont like but i simply ignore them not crazily throw personal attacks as if it affects them.. wow ..

    • Jeweley girl

      She look tired to me. Like it because she did less booty
      shaking and more dancing that proves she listening
      to her fans.

    • l d

      well congrats to Bey if she is preggers again …. pop em out back to back n get back to work in 2013

    • HoneyChiiii

      They were both tipsy…

    • Ch….

      Honestly, I’ve never thought that anything that Beyonce does is spectacular. She’s a good singer, eh dancer, her songwriting is poor, and her acting is even worse.

    • Taryn

      Wow, I guess this is what happens when you lipsync too much, you forget how to really perform lol. Poor Bey. She’s not used to being a irrelevant non-factor flop, but she should be, because her career has came and LEFT, and this indicates everybody but her stans knows this. And finally more creative and original females can rightfully take over, and won’t have to steal from everybody to be relevant.

      • Debbie

        Yeah poor rich, beautiful, married beyonce .. I bet she’s oh so sad rite now *rolls eyes* LOL

    • BitchitsBlake

      LOL @ the comment section. it says A LOT. bash #her tons of thumbs us. anything different the girls start to “read”. hmm.

    • truthteller

      So much hate here….smh….