Whitney Houston To Be Honored With ‘Grammy Salute’ Special


    Whitney Houston TheLavaLizard
    Whitney Houston

    The Whitney Houston tributes keep rolling in and with her ‘I Will Always Love You – The Best of Whitney Houston’ greatest hits collection due for release on November 13th, this latest special could not have come at a better time. Set to air in December, the ‘We Will Always Love You: A Grammy Salute to Whitney Houston’ will reflect on the remarkable achievements of the late diva.

    Usher and Jennifer Hudson have already signed on to perform song in Houston honor on the ‘Grammy Salute’, which will be filmed on October 11th. show also entail interviews and clips from a range of artists who will celebrate her memory. Expect the special to air on CBS.

    Click here to listen to Houston and R. Kelly’s updated ‘I Look to You’ duet from the ‘Best of Whitney Houston’ disc. Also, watch the former perform ‘One Moment in Time’ at the 1989 Grammy Awards below:


    • Aige

      I love my Whitney to pieces…but somebody is MILKING IT.

    • melnel

      I def will be watching it. It was messed up that MTV did not do a tribute for her, but it really sucked this year, so whatever.

    • NippyFan007

      Clive Davis bought Whitney’s recent 100 million dollar record contract knowing she couldn’t pay it off. She is worth more dead than alive. Ever since her death, her record sales have sky rocketed, same with Micheal Jackson. Just thought you guys should know.

    • Theman4u

      Iconic is to small a word for her, she has had more tributes than even MJ. I can’t even think of another performer that had as much industry respect and love than Whitney. The definitive female artist of our time.

    • anthony

      yes @theman4u, and she deserves every bit of it too. I was upset that mtv didnt do a tribute, hell even the emmys put her in a picture in their in memoriam pictures. I hope they get some real singers though, get deborah cox or kelly price or celine dion.

    • theman

      There are a few other female artists that have plenty of respect. But this woman was certainly one of a kind.

    • larry


    • larry

      NOOOOOO SHHHHHHAAAADEEEEEEEEE, GOD FORGIVE ME! But is MC dies, there needs to be the same or even more for her! Surprised MJ didnt get this much!

    • linda

      Whitneys voice will never be duplicated! tHE BEST.Should !have honored her while she was still here!You will always live on in your music!

    • Timothy

      nippyfan007@Clive davis didn’t give Whitney her 100 million contract.clive was fired by artista records before she got her new contract they hired La Reid to replace him and he gave Whitney her 100 million contract deal. it doesn’t matter if Whitney is dead or alive she owns the rights to her music La Reid said she did after he and Whitney wrote and signed the contract so she gets all the money anyways.Who ever killed Whitney they did it for other personal reasons not her money,probably just out of pure jealousy.

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    • JohnVidal(RIP Whitney-truegreat)

      Why do people like so much these conspiracy stories? Talking about Whitney´s death´s as if it was a murder for sure??? Give me a break you know nothing. It´s like that retarded thing about illuminati. Seriously Americans are so behind the rest of the world when it comes to education and common sense

      Anyway, Whitney is just eternal. I have nothing to say about her private life, her death, her life, her family, her ridiculous fans (those who are ridiculous)… Just Whitney. Greatness made Voice. The Voice (and The Face, I´ve never seen any other singer more beautiful than Whitney Houston)

    • Music-Doc

      Congrats, Whitney! I hope this tribute is much than the one they did last year. I really don’t want J.Hud paying tribute to Whitney this time around, she screams too much. I wish she would understand that she will never be Whitney! I would prefer if fellow legends such as: Aretha, Mariah, Stevie, Cliene, other would pay this tribute to Whitney.

    • Minn

      johnvidal@ just read the autopsy Whitney had fresh bruises,scratches,contusions,burns on her body from head to toe.No heart attack no OD no illegal substance or medical problems that would cause her to die from drowning so if no murder than what please explain .

    • HunnyBunz

      why is jennifer hudson apart of this again?!? she’s generic in my POV

      • Dont_Start_No_Shit!!

        I agree…. Save her for a tribute to Ciara or somebody.. I not nor have I ever been here for that yelling skeleton!!!

    • Dont_Start_No_Shit!!