Way Back Wednesday: Competing Cover Songs


    Beyonce Christina Aguilera TheLavaLizard
    Beyonce and Christina Aguilera

    It’s that time of the week for another Way Back Wednesday and this instalment of our series is all about having fun! We already took a look back some of the best cover songs of our time but on this occasion we’ll compare renditions of popular hits by some of our favourite singers in a good, old fashioned showdown!

    Remember when both Beyonce and Christina Aguilera covered ‘A Song for You’? How about when Fantasia and Jennifer Hudson tackled ‘I’m Here’ from ‘The Color Purple’? Well, if you don’t then watch their performances below and pick the better renditions:

    Aretha Franklin vs Cher – ‘The Shoop Shoop Song (It’s In His Kiss)’

    Beyonce vs Christina Aguilera – ‘A Song For You’

    Ella Fitzgerald vs Sarah Vaughan – ‘Summertime’

    Fantasia vs Jennifer Hudson – ‘I’m Here’

    Whitney Houston vs Patti LaBelle – ‘All The Man That I Need’

    It is so much fun comparing performances by talented singers while appreciating their skills all the same! For instance, Whitney Houston and Patti LaBelle both sang the life out of ‘All The Man That I Need’ in completely different ways, and it is almost impossible to pick the better rendition. The former was clean yet soulful and strong whereas LaBelle did everything except roll on the floor!

    Who do you think had the better performances of each of the above songs? Share your views in the comment section below and let the games begin!


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    • Glassheart

      Leona Lewis V Kelly Clarkson- A Moment Like This

    • sam

      Aretha vs Cher = CHER
      Beyonce vs Xtina = BEYONCE (Christina tried to hard to sound soulful)
      Ella vs Sarah = SARAH
      Fanny vs J Hud = FANTASIA (NO COMPETETION)

      Whitney vs Patti = WHITNEY (She SANG the shit out of that song….soulful, powerful, beautiful! It’s not hard at all to decide who sang it better! Patti screamed it & tried to hard to put her “stamp on it”. She has an amazing voice but sometimes she does too much & ruins it for herself.)

    • Gabriel

      Hard to compare?????? Whitney left no doubt in anyone’s mind that he was all the man. That song is technically perfect with control and power…..Patti sounds like Patti does…… I would have found her a man to end the agony of that screaming. Her voice is not one of my favs……screaming is not a gift.

    • anthony

      Aretha vs Cher = Aretha
      Beyonce vs Christina = Neither, whitney’s version is always the best to me!! lol but if i had to pick one of them beyonce, although christina’s recorded version sounded better
      Ella vs Sarah= Sarah
      Fantasia vs Jhud= Fantasia!

    • Theman4u

      Yeah I was going to say Whitney’s a song for you would kill all of them.
      I have to go with aretha, Ella, Beyonce, fantasia and Whitney

    • Unbothered

      Aretha vs Cher – Aretha
      Beyonce vs Christina – Beyonce’s singing, Christina’s (or rather, Herbie Hancock’s) music
      Ella vs Sarah – Ella
      Fantasia vs Jennifer – Fantasia, EASILY
      Whitney vs Patti – Tie

    • Why didn’t you include “Do You Know Where You’re Going To?” by Mariah and JLo? Cos we know who’s going to win. 🙂

    • theman

      Whitney and Patti – Both
      Christina – Her voice is just far superior, she doesn’t try her voice is just that soulful…

    • Girrrl

      Whitney sings her songs the best.
      I prefer the performance of Song For You that Xtina did on Ellen. That slays!

    • MyCooL

      Mariah Carey Vs. Celine Dion – ‘Open Arms’ ?!?!?!

    • elle

      Christina easily. I love BeyoncĂ© but she has too much echo going on and… it’s just not as good to me.

    • Shea Butter

      I love Sassy!!

    • Aislynn

      Christina sounds better than Beyonce. Much better

    • olivia

      i prefer beyonce better whitney of course although i adore mama patti um ella and fantasia as well

    • Diva

      Christina’s version was better. She actually gives emotion in a song. Beyonce just sings the words. Fantasia and Jenny H voices annoy me so I passed on that video.

    • latifa

      Mariah and J-Lo – do you know? I still get chills down my spine hearing Mariah sing that

    • Music-Doc

      Aretha Franklin vs Cher – I say Aretha, because she had more soul, but Cher verison was still good.

      Ella Fitzgerald vs Sarah Vaughan – Sarah Vaughan wins this one!

      Beyonce vs Christina Aguilera – Neither!

      Beyonce sounds great, but that echo got on my nerves; her voice just isn’t that special to me. Christina on the other hand, was doing too much and she sounded very strained by the middle and end of the song.

      Fantasia vs Jennifer Hudson – Even though, Fantasia and Jennifer both scream too much for me, I loved both of their performances, they sounded wonderful!

      Whitney Houston vs Patti LaBelle – Whitney had the better begining and Patti had the better ending.

    • Kevin

      Christina all the way for “A Song For You”

    • Jeff

      Beyonce vs Christina – Christina, her voice was more soulful, plus Beyonce tries way to hard. IMO Whitney’s version beats them all.
      Whitney vs Patti – whitney no doubt! She killed it! Look at the crowds reaction, they felt every word she sang.
      Just goes to show how amazing Whitney was that when patti covered her songs they never sounded right.

    • MzGoodBadGirl

      Jennifer sound a mess singing I’m here. She didn’t do no justice to the song.

    • Kristie


    • Xtina for sure… Beyonce is a good singer but to me every ballad she sings sounds the same… Xtina has the better and more unique voice and the musical arrangement was better too.

    • China

      Whitney Houston’s Song for You shits on ALL.
      & Whitney again.

    • China

      Beyonce needs to stop with the echo, it doesn’t help your emotionless singing,