New Song: Whitney Houston – ‘I Look To You (Ft. R. Kelly)’


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    Whitney Houston and R. Kelly

    The ‘I Will Always Love You – The Best of Whitney Houston’ will be released on November 13th and one song that is featured on the set’s track list is the new ‘I Look to You’ duet between Whitney Houston and R. Kelly. However, are the revamped arrangement and previously unheard vocals a fitting addition to the diva’s legacy?

    R. Kelly composed the original version of ‘I Look to You’ for Houston’s 2009 album of the same name. Following her untimely passing in early 2012, he performed the song at her funeral ceremony in honor of her memory and many wondered how the tune would have sounded if the R&B legends sang it together.

    Well, now is your chance to hear ‘I Look to You’ as a duet. Listen to the song below:

    ‘I Look to You’ is a beautiful song and R. Kelly sings it effortlessly. Yet, after three years since the original version’s release, the tone of Houston’s voice on this record is still quite unappealing. Out of respect for her legacy, I won’t say much more but just understand that this gruff instrument is not the voice that I imagine when reflecting on her amazing career. Rather, I happily focus on the sweet tones of her younger years of pre-2000.

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    • RichiAngelo

      Pre-2000? I can even handle some of the songs on “Just Whitney.” But with this last album, it was really hard to get through her songs.

    • Music-Doc

      This song was a stand out track on Whitney’s “I Look To You” album (along with “Nothin But Love,” “I Didn’t Know My Own Strength,” “Million Dollar Bill,” and “Like I Never Left”). That was all I could take from that record, but then, again Whitney, didn’t have great albums, in my opinion, she had great songs…

      I will say this though, this Greatest hits album is not necessary because most of us (myself inculde) have these songs. Her record label, like MJ’s, is just trying to get more money off of Whitney’s death…

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    • larry

      I love whitney, at her peak she was the best but honestly by the end of her career i hated her vocals! and i know she was such a lazy artist that she didnt do any extra songs for the archieves like other singers do, so now we’re gonna hear her rough vocals! Her passing angered me!

    • Timothy

      larry@ What you should be angry at is that even though you may believe Whitney lost her voice at the end she still out sold,out performed,out shined,out sung your favorites even on their best days now that’s talent.

    • Timothy

      music-doc@ Will if she didn’t have great albums than she wouldn’t have great songs.Great songs is what makes great albums or do you not understand that.

    • Timothy

      that’s o.k Trent she still sang better than Mariah Carey ever could,Mariah wish she could sing like that.

    • Timothy

      It’s sick that your still jealous of Whitney Houston Trent even after death you need some help brother.

    • Timothy

      Suiel@I’v worked and been around people like Trent he’s bipolar that’s how those people behave.their delusional they don’t know right from wrong fake from reality.but with the proper medication people like him will be just fine.

    • Timothy

      trent is a sicko but him being a mariah carey fan I suspected that all her fans are.

    • Timothy


    • JohnVidal(RIP Whitney-truegreat)

      This is an unexpected gem. I love it
      I just feel like I want to cry. This is still hard to take. I listen to Whitney´s memorable live performances everyday, I will never be able to get enough… true greats have that power on sane people 🙂

    • Timothy

      the truth is celebrities of today will be forgotten while Whitney Houston’s legacy will be remembered for eternity.that’s why Whitney has so many enemies they can’t handle the truth all of Whitney’s so called competitors like madonna,celine dion,janet jackson,mariah carey,mary j blige ect career’s are all down hill either their last albums,movies concerts have failed their not the it thing anymore.but every album,concert,movie Whitney has done has been a success all the way up until the end now that’s amazing.none of her so called competition can say the same Whitney was and always will be in a league of her own.

    • Timothy

      Timothy@I think Trent’s just gay Whitney Houston hater’s are all homosexual I don’t know why that is but it is.I mean their worst than broads i thought women were the only ones who get so jealous and crazy over other women so badly i guess i was wrong. if any of you don’t believe me just go to the website classicWhitney nothing but queers on that site talking trash and nonsense about Whitney but they say their fans yea right.i believe the website was made just for nasty,dirty,jealous gay guys to talk bad about her.Maybe Whitney didn’t act like a shemale for them like other female artist do for the gay crowd like madonna,cher,lady gaga maybe gay dudes cant relate to a real woman because they can never be one and are envious.

    • Timothy

      classicwhitney? that website is so stupid nobody with a clear brain goes on that website those people on there are jokes,nut cases.That site has to be the most creepy,gayest so called fan site ever I wouldn’t want any of those people on that site any were near my house,yard,child or dog.

    • svan

      sick people on that classicwhitney site just plain old sicko’s

    • tamie

      Timothy…WOOOOOW….you are fucking crazy

    • Yeah.

      OMGGGG, Timothy is actually fuckin crazy :O. He’s actually writing responses to himself LMAO

    • Jasanti

      Well, I frankly enjoyed the song. I think most are being a bit to harsh. Whitney might not have had the strengthin vocals of her earlier years. But that could be said about most artists such as Aretha Franklin, Brandy, Mariah Carey, Toni Braxton…all of there voices got “rougher” with age. BUT the fact is…these women (including Houston) could still SANG!

    • Unbothered

      WTFFF LOL Timothy is the one that flew over the cuckoo’s nest

    • LiberianGirl

      @ Timothy, I’m sure you could have easily listened to this track on any other blog. If Trent is so bipolar and delusional, why did you take the time out of YOUR day to comment not once, but 10 TIMES!!! Trent didn’t attack Whitney in any way in this post. Maybe you are bipolar and delusional, is that the reason for all the comments? As Tamar would say, “Get Yo Life!!! Now that I got that out of the way, Whitney will always have one of the best voices to ever bless our ears POINT. BLANK. PERIOD. I have to agree with Trent, listening to this song doesnt do anything for me either. I would much rather listen to songs like “All the man I need” “Run to you” and etc. Her label clearly is only focusing on making money and nothing else. This isn’t how I want to remember Whitney’s voice.

    • Aige

      On behalf of the sane Whitney fans I’d like to apologize for Timothy o_O

      But as for the ILTY era, I can honestly say that it did kind of hurt me to hear how Whitney’s voice had changed, but I was just happy that she was back. I always had this feeling that her next album would have been way better, but of course…we’ll never know that now. I’m not mad at Wh

    • Kayla

      Preach Liberian Girl!!!

    • Aige

      *I’m not mad at Whitney for anything, not her death, not the drugs. I never question things like that. Like someone else said, Whitney was a singer, but she was a “lazy artist”, ESPECIALLY towards her final years–and I think whether there were drugs or no drugs, life or death, “the voice” or “no voice” her album sales today would have suffered either way because whether she would have admitted it or not, Whitney wasn’t as committed to her music as she could have or should have been.

      • kimya norene

        I can not believe the word “lazy” can roll off of anyone’s finger pertaining to WHITNEY. Are you serious? she started singing at 7 years old thru 48…stop it right there. Her vocal chords were her instrument, even guitar strings break, piano’s out of tune..etc..etc..I know she is happy now that she doesnt have to deal with your kind. RIP WHITNEY- I WILL ALWAYS LOVE AND APPRECIATE YOU…btw I loved every note that she sang live and recorded, why?..because she sang with her SOUL…what came out is what you got and if you couldnt feel it then shame on YOU!

    • Aige

      Her music or her own vocal chords for that matter.

    • Crystal

      This Timothy person is…………….I am seriously disturbed

    • Timothy

      liberiangirl@ You and Trent are dumb ass’s the song is fine Whitney’s voice is fine but I guess jealous queers think alike both of you need too go back to hell were people like you come from.

    • Sunday

      Timothy is CRAZY!!!

    • Tracy

      I don’t know what chall talkin bout, “I look to you” is a jammin cd! The only songs I didn’t really like we’re “like I never left, worth it, & I got you” the rest were jams!

    • Timothy

      Aige@ your stupid point blank stop talking about what Whitney’s future would have been like your not physic.why don’t you just talk about the artist’s right now who ‘s albums and career’s have taken a dive and leave Whitney’s great career alone jealous people say the most dumbest things.

    • Timothy

      lots of jealous people on this site cant believe Whitney still has that kind of power even after death.

    • Timothy

      like I said before people with bipolar disorder do crazy things like this,it’s their type of behavior Trent really needs to look into some kind of medical treatment asap.

    • Will

      Trent is just speaking the truth.

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    • C-D-C

      Raising money to pay off the several millions in debt the junkie left after she “drowned” in a hotel bathtub, I see. Oh wait – she couldn’t write or produce her own material, so all the money will be pocketed by the military army of songwriters and producers that conceived her songs. It’s nearly been a year, and not even death (the ultimate career makeover) could maintain her a heightened profile.
      “Out of respect for her legacy…” Which is…? Her succession of drug rehab stints outweighed, outlasted and outnumbered her entertainment career. So I don’t think her “legacy” can exactly be bruised.