New Song: Leona Lewis – ‘Stop The Clocks’


    Leona Lewis promo TheLavaLizard
    Leona Lewis poses for a new ‘Glassheart’ album promo pic.

    Leona Lewis’ new album, ‘Glassheart’, is truly shaping up to be her best album to date. Following the release of the club-ready title track, the young diva has issued yet another new song, ‘Stop the Clocks’, which was reportedly co-written by Emeli Sande.

    ‘Glassheart’ will be released in the UK on October 15th and its lead single, ‘Trouble (Ft. Childish Gambino)’, will arrive on iTunes in that territory on October 7th. Now that you’ve been reminded of those important dates, listen to ‘Stop the Clocks’ below:

    Lewis has crafted another solid radio record with ‘Stop the Clocks’. In fact, if she was considering to put forward dual lead singles in the US later this year, this song would be the ideal companion to a track like ‘Glassheart’. Being radio-friendly is the name of the game in 2012 and it’s great to see Lewis balancing that with quality.

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    • She is just so getting it right with this album…if people still harp on about oh shes boring oh shes flopping then all I can say is you need prozac big time !

    • Seraj

      I like this track but it holds nothing against Glassheart and Trouble so I’m glad this wasn’t released as a single. This album really is shaping up to be awesome.

    • mandownland

      This was co-written by Maiday & Jorgen Elofsson, NOT Emeli Sande. Credit the correct writers at least

    • theman

      This is hot…

    • South of Love

      This is where she needs to be!

    • YES! This is a good f***ing song! This album is going to shit on “Echo” musically, lets just hope her shitty label manage to pull her promo together because it’s that that’s killing her career.