New Song: Alicia Keys – ‘Girl On Fire’ (Original)


    Alicia Keys Girl on Fire TheLavaLizard
    Alicia Keys’s ‘Girl on Fire’ single cover.

    This morning, the Inferno version of Alicia Keys’ new song, ‘Girl on Fire’, was released to an underwhelming reception by her fans. Now, both the original mix of the tune has been issued but are they any better?

    Unfortunately, despite being Nicki Minaj-free, the standard ‘Girl on Fire’ still fail to pack the punch that many hoped to receive from Keys. In fact, both the standard and Inferno versions sound almost exactly the same with near unnoticeable differences in the production. Simply, they both feature loud drumming and yelling.

    Expect Keys to perform ‘Girl on Fire’ at the 2012 MTV VMA on September 6th . Her new album of the same name will be issued on November 27th. Listen to both the original mix of ‘Girl on Fire’ below as you try to spot the differences:

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    • Girrrl

      What is this song about? Nothing
      Didn’t Alicia get enough hate mail when she screamed at Whitney Houston’s funeral? Why would she scream on a record?
      Too many questions. Not enough time.
      You know what? I take back what I said a few weeks ago. This is officially the worst comeback single of 2012.

    • FAB IT

      their alicia u can do better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • FAB IT


    • MyCooL

      2012… year of comeback FLOPS 🙁 I was rooting for you, Alicia!

    • JustMe_Andria

      I don’t really care for the song or the remix. I thought Alicia was going to switch her sound up a little. I hope the rest of her album doesn’t sound like this single.

    • t

      I kind of like it but I have a feeling when she performs this she might struggle during the chorus and it will come off like she is screaming.

    • MC

      Its okay…..

    • Nadirah

      Return to sender.

    • Oh Please

      This song is very…….*sigh*…the shit’s boring, even Nicki couldn’t save it.

    • Yami

      …..a thumbs down for me, as well

    • Well…..I liked it!

    • bob

      NEW day should have been first single not this this is average

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    • Yeah.

      She made the mistake a lot of these 2012 comeback artists have made….they tried to replicate their most recent hit. Kelly Rowland did the saaaame thing with Ice. She thought she could feed us another Motivation.

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    • AK Fan

      This song is AMAZING! This is not another comeback album because she never left!! Alicia is gonna prove all you HATERS wrong when she performs her awesome song LIVE at the VMA’s 2012!

    • Mdc

      LOVE IT!!!! I get it.