Hot Pics: Fantasia & Others Honor Mariah Carey At 2012 BMI Awards


    Mariah Carey BMI Urban Awards TheLavaLizard
    Mariah Carey

    There are two points that are rarely questioned in the history books: Mariah Carey is one of the greatest singers of our time and she loves Hello Kitty. However, it is often forgotten that she is also an incredible songwriter and last night at the 2012 BMI Urban Music Awards, people were reminded of that fact.

    Carey was presented with the Icon Award at the 2012 BMI Urban Music Awards and honored by several of her peers. Among the acts who paid tribute to the legend were Eric Benet, Karen Clark Sheard, Nas and Fantasia, the last of whom hopped off the stage to embrace Carey after belting a rendition of ‘Hero’.

    BMI head Del Bryant personally presented Carey with the Icon Award and noted that she is “the greatest singer in history”. Who can argue that? See more images from the 2012 BMI Urban Music Awards below:

    Fantasia BMI Urban Awards TheLavaLizard
    Fantasia and Mariah Carey


    Photos by Noel Vasquez/Getty Images North America

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    • Naudisweet(Xtina Stan)

      Congrats MC, all the awards and accolades are well deserved. She’ll be eligible for the hall of fame in three years, no doubt she’ll get in. 🙂

    • MC

      Good job MC

    • Mimi

      Fantasia Serenades Mariah Carey With ‘Hero’ Performance [Video]

    • Rick

      Mariah is incredible, her songs unknown to the public are very inspiring, people always talk about her lack of stage presence because she don’t dance, but “I wish you well, Looking In, Vanishing, Love Takes Time to Heal, You could be mine again, My Saving Grace, Fly like a bird lord i need you now”. INSPIRE. Whitney is gone, all we have left is Mariah. Love her.

    • Joyce

      i really love her songs also and dont care what the stans say – she makes lovely records

    • LouLou

      @mimi wow Fantasia killed. Congrats to Mariah. Well deserved.

    • Kayla

      I freaking love this woman!! She looks gorgeous. She is the Michael Jordan of pop/rb music!

    • Kayla

      I just saw the clip of Fantasia singing. I must say that I was a little skeptical of her singing for Mariah; however, she killed it! She brought tears to my eyes. Great tribute!

    • Liberiangirl

      The Incomparable Beauty & Multi talented artist that is Mariah Carey!!!

    • theman4u

      greatest singer in history – not even close, but great job Fantasia and props to Mariah she is truly on her way to becoming an Icon, much deserved.

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    • dine

      Well now that the most tributed female artist is gone (Whitney), MC can finally be out of her shadow

    • Yeah.

      I’m happy that 99% of the comments on this are all positive. Mimi is the greatest!

    • theman

      Mariah has been doing her thang no matter what female artists was out so leave that alone, she could be considered the greatest female singer, and shes been an icon so sit your bitter azz down…… For a person who has alot to say u, are in everyone of her posts. Get dayum grip already….

    • C-D-C

      Most tribute female artist? Now gone? Shadow? You’re just asking for it, aren’t you. It’s a good day today so I’ll overlook that comment. But I will say this: in the last year only, Mariah has received FOUR honorary awards. Two for her philanthropic efforts, and two for musical contribution. Tell me, did she have to die in order to receive any of these?

    • theman4u

      “Tell me, did she have to die in order to receive any of these?”

      really? i dont think you want to go there, do you?

    • dine

      Whitney has been receiving tributes and honors since the early 90s, she wasnt dead when she got honors from NAACP, AMA 2x, BET 3 x, WMA, Soul TRAIN Awards, Grammy Honorary of the 90s. All of those honors and more came BEFORE HER DEATH. She is the most influential singer of her generation and 2nd behind Aretha of all time – some may argue OF ALL TIME

      TAKE SEATS. MC was great but she was never on the iconic levels Whitney Houston

    • dine

      Bitter? I spoke the truth. Now sit your feminine ass down

    • Ariana

      Yawn at these foolish stans arguing who’s more iconic, Whitney or Mariah. Bitches, they were friends, they never cared. So why do you? They both are amazing, shut up.

      MC looks stunning & I’m glad her fabulous songwriting skills were recognized. Great night!

    • Yeah.

      I can tell dine is a Rih stan…they’re never happy for Mimi. It’s real funny when people compare Mariah and Whitney because when looking at the stats, Mariah is more successful so there’s no point in trying to use Whitney to downplay Mariah’s achievements. Like Ariana said, they’re both AMAZING and they were friends so this ‘rivalry’ is stupid. To say MC was never on the iconic levels of Whitney Houston is just plain ignorant. I’m sick of these new school music fans offering their ill-informed opinions.

    • Yeah.

      I don’t get it, if you know you don’t like a certain artist WHY comment on all the posts related to them?

    • C-D-C

      theman4u: Absolutely. Your colleague made a comment and it received a response. If you don’t see the politics in that “Billboard Millennium Award” or that BET tribute, then too bad for you. I believe it was Cher who said that substance addicts are often overly rewarded in return. It also seems like without that enterprising machine Clive Davis behind her (2002-2008), industry bigwigs weren’t exactly lining up with the tributes or awards, were they? I can tell you’re not good with questions, but give it a decent shot.
      As for “dine”: your stupidity is fantastic. You clearly can’t communicate ideas, so why even bother? “Grammy Honorary of the 90’s”? Which branch of the academy awarded her said award? The body of invisible illiterates? Please. Mariah’s statistics has positioned her among The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley and Madonna. Whitney and her dismal Keith Haring requote “crack is wack” was at the bottom of the barrel when the new millennium approached, just as it was months ago when she od’ed in a hotel bathtub.

    • lisa

      its so amazing to me how the black community hates thereself. Mariah and Whitney are the two greatest female vocalist of our generation. Mariah has sold more records, but whitney has more public favor. That’s it. In the history books only MARIAH will be mentioned. Why? Album and single sales. Simple as that.

    • lisa

      now that i have gagged the whitney stans (and trust me i love me some nippy). Mariah deserved this award, she writes beautiful ballads and inspirational gems. Joe’s performance needs to be seen all over the world, he was remarkable.

    • theman4u

      as it was mentioned before whitney was getting her tributes YEARS ago early into her career, her impact/influence is unmatched. the two she received after death doesnt compare to the many she received while here as a matter of fact it speaks to her impact, she’s your favorite singers favorite singer her place in history has been cemented. once again congrats to mimi for her tributes because this is new to her, whitney has been getting them since the 90’s youtube it