Burning Up: Tomeka Williams


    Tomeka Williams promo TheLavaLizard
    Tomeka Williams

    It’s time for new edition of Burning Up and this week we have another unexpected yet talented artist on lined up for series. Tomeka Williams hails from Jackson, Mississippi and has both the skill and the drive to make herself a serious drive in R&B.

    Signed to Sir Mix A Lot’s Rhyme Cartel label, Williams recently released the new video for her debut single, ‘Girlfriend’, which tells a story in a way that would make many of her peers reconsider their approach to songwriting. Don’t believe me? Watch the action unfold below:

    Although the production of ‘Girlfriend’ seems a bit disjointed with Williams’ vocal arrangement, the story of the music was quite enjoyable, especially the twist at the end! Williams certainly has the ability to make a splash on the music scene with the right resources and can easily compete with Melanie Fiona, Marsha Ambrosius and Elle Varner on the charts. Hopefully, things work in her favour and her talent doesn’t get lost in the mix like that of K. Michelle.


    • Pokemon Trainer(Sinnoh)

      interesting video! I like her 😀

    • hesings

      interesting vid, boring song I’ll keep checking on her tho.

    • larry

      good vid, vocals are alright, arrangment is poor though! i see potential

    • jw79bull

      sir mix a lot records is still around?!?!? #REALLY

    • RiRiNaVii


    • Yami

      ……ah, who’s the other broad in the video? Tweak-up the song a little more, and it has potential