Burning Up: Jenna


    Jenna Artzer promo TheLavaLizard

    It’s that time of the week again for our Burning Up series and as usual, the selected artist has a special mix of talent. Signed to Blackground Records, Jenna is a rising star with the ability to sing and dance, and if you look closely, you just might recognise her.

    That’s right, those of you watch the CW may remember Jenna from her appearance on the popular series ‘Girlicious’. Although she didn’t make the final cut of the show, which was geared toward forming a new girl group, Jenna has been hard at work developing her brand.

    For her latest release, Jenna has enlisted rapper 2 Chainz on the song ‘Falling to Pieces’, which was crafted by The Mechanics and The Exclusives. Who are her biggest influences? Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston. Yes, those are the typical names thrown around by most young acts but Jenna is better than just another reality television star.

    Listen to Jenna’s ‘Falling to Pieces’ below:

    ‘Falling to Pieces’ is a solid record that is quite reminiscent of the Timbaland sound circa 2007. Despite the track not showing off Jenna’s full vocal ability, it still gives us a glimpse of her talent. Really, it is highly unlikely that the good people at Blackground would pay for a 2 Chainz verse if they didn’t believe in Jenna’s ability to deliver a hit.

    Additionally, Jenna is also developing her dance skills alongside choreographer Flii Stylz (Jackson, Madonna, Destiny’s Child, Usher and Chris Brown) so it is clear that she is preparing for a major debut. Let’s see exactly where all of this goes and hope that the folks Blackground will show her more support than they have thus far given to JoJo.


    • larry

      i see potential!

    • Jeff

      Love it she’s dope.

    • WonderLand19

      I like, alot.Really feeling the old school vibe.Fingers crossed she can dance then i’ll be all in.

    • Ray

      she was always my favorite since the show and I have followed her ever since! so glad she is getting the recognition deserved!

    • I would love a ballad from her. Like her voice.