Ashanti Talks ‘Fuse News’ On ‘Today Show’


    Ashanti Today Show TheLavaLizard
    Ashanti appears on ‘The Today Show’.

    Ashanti’s music hasn’t been getting airplay lately so she has taken matters into her own hands and ¬†announced via ‘The Today Show’ that she is preparing to launch her own music series, ‘Fuse News’, to guarantee that her songs will be played. Okay, that was just mean but it would be quite clever.

    ‘Fuse News’ will supposedly fill the void left by MTV’s former landmark show, ‘TRL’. Ashanti promised that the series will serve as a platform for new talent, videos and music news as she hopes to revive the struggling industry focus on talent.

    So, what does this mean for Ashanti’s new album, ‘BraveHeart’? Well, she confirmed that she is still recording it. I have no further comment so just watch her ‘Today Show’ interview below: