Rihanna Talks Chris Brown On ‘Oprah’s Next Chapter’: “He Needs Help”


    Rihanna Oprah Next Chapter TheLavaLizard
    Rihanna cries during this preview of her ‘Oprah’s Next Chapter’.

    Move over Beyonce because Rihanna is the real saint of the music industry. Although her ex-boyfriend Chris Brown left her battered, bleeding and bruised beyond recognition, the Barbadian claimed during this extended preview of ‘Oprah’s Next Chapter’ that all she really wanted was for him to get help.

    “I felt like the only person [the media] hates right now is him. It was a weird, confusing space to be in because as angry as I was, as angry and hurt and betrayed,” Rihanna told Oprah while fighting tears. “I just felt like he made that mistake because he needed help and who’s gonna help him? Nobody’s gonna say, “he needs help.” Everybody’s gonna say, “he’s a monster,” without looking at the source. I was more concerned about him.”

    Rihanna’s appearance on ‘Oprah’s Next Chapter’ will air on August 19th at 9pm ET on OWN. For additional previews of her fist full of tears click here and then watch the latest glimpse of the show below:


    • It’s almost hard to believe that Rihanna could express herself this articulately and intelligently. I wish we could see this side more often. It would widen her market and make her respected among the Adult Contemporary market.

    • J

      I really can see them back together a few years down the line. They still obviously love each other. I don’t know if they are doing better without each other than they were together…they both are pretty fucked up at this point it seems lol

    • Benron

      I love Rihanna and I cant beleive Oprah made her cry, Dumb business woman multimmillionare bitch!


    • theman

      She’s acting out, because she didn’t wanna have that pressure of being labeled a role model, that along with the whole “CB” thing. They’re are both just letting themselves go, because of so much media pressure…

    • shane

      hm tiered of hearing about this we get it you and chris needs help

    • MzGoodBadGirl

      I wonder will some people hate Chris all over again after this interview?

    • mayamakaveli

      i will REJOICE when these two get back together, its a love and they look misrebale without each other no matter who he’s with idc, at the end of the day, true love is obvious and will never die!

    • wow!