Rebecca Ferguson Reveals ‘Backtrack’ Single Cover


    Rebecca Ferguson Backtrack TheLavaLizard
    Rebecca Ferguson’s ‘Backtrack’ single cover.

    Rebecca Ferguson will reissue her ‘Heaven’ debut album in the UK on October 15th and she has selected the perfect song to launch her renewed campaign. ‘Backtrack’ will be released to UK iTunes on October 15th and we have the single cover!

    The revamped version of ‘Heaven’ will also include the songs ‘I’ll Count the Days’ and ‘Good Days, Bad Days’ as well as covers of Drake’s ‘Take Care’ and Aqualung’s ‘Strange and Beautiful’. Listen to Ferguson’s ‘Backtrack’ below:

    Shameless plug: did you read The Lava Lizard’s interview with Ferguson? Click here to read all the action!

    What do you think of the cover?

    • South of Love

      Is it me or does this cover look Instagram filtered? She looks ridiculously pale. Lovely track however.

    • lostluv224

      She looks like a white woman…the hell is going on

    • dfgdsgsgsd

      She’s always looked light since she is mixed race.

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