Preview: Mariah Carey’s ‘Triumphant (Get ‘Em)’ Video


    Mariah Carey promo TheLavaLizard
    Mariah Carey poses for a promo pic for her new album.

    Mariah Carey will release her new video for ‘Triumphant (Get ‘Em)’ tomorrow but to help get her fans hype for its debut, the diva has issued a preview of the production. Directed by her husband, Nick Cannon, the ‘Triumphant’ video also includes appearances by Rick Ross and Meek Mill.

    ‘Triumphant’ is the first offering from Carey’s new studio album, which will hit stores in March 2013. She is expected to perform the song for the first time on television on September 5 at 7:30pm ET on NBC and NFL Network to commemorate the kickoff of the new NFL season.

    Watch the preview of the ‘Triumphant’ video below:


    • MC

      The video is going to be great….wish the song had little rapping and awesome singing…

    • HER.

      It looks AMAZING. Mariah looks beautiful and even Rick looks like a bawse in his big pimp daddy coat haha

    • FAB IT

      the remix version is way more better for the clip the same mariah anthicssss wish she could bring something new fresh or whatever

    • Girrrl

      Why is Mariah still dressing like a hoochie even in her 40s? Also she needs to move on from this song. This is not 1st single material.

    • Liberiangirl

      Good theme in the video and I cannot wait. I can’t stand these flipping teasers… Stay Triumphant MC. Stay on your toes don’t let them ever count you out!

    • KingAquarius

      So no mention at all about the fact that her single has thus far flopped? #Biased

    • Patti

      I’m annoyed that Mariah Carey was LITERALLY on the sideline for this video, as she is for the song. UGH how could she reduce herself to sitting sideline to them!?? I really hope she uses the platform she’s given on american idol wisely. If she makes music similar to her first 3 albums instead of constantly trying for another Emancipation type album she’ll slay the charts and it will appeal to the Idol audience. She won’t sell albums strutting the Idol stage in a miniskirt with Rick Ross and company.

    • Jeweley girl

      With Nick Cannon directing you know Mariah is going to be
      the feature in this video. The video look great . I just want
      the album to be good.

    • theman

      She looks awesome, Theress nothing wrong with her cothers. Also, to the haters speaking of a flop? This song has been out for only two to three wks. It’s an urban single, not generic trash. It just went for adds last wk. Do you see how stupid you all look. Don’t be mad at Mariah because Trent stays on others…

    • TruthTeller

      Photoshop works wonders; but Billboard #s didn’t for Triumflop

    • Yea I Said It

      YES Trent is biased cuz he will sit and talk about everybody chart position but when it comes to Mariah he ignores it… nobody is checkin for Mariah these days….deal with it

    • Adrian

      Is eveyone retarded? Mariah is creating global buzz for her single with everything she is doing. She also knows better than to perform Triumphant on Idol. Her album comes out in March 2013!! She has plenty of time. The single was just added to radio last Tuesday.

    • Adrian

      and if the single was #1 it wouldn’t matter bc you ppl seem to have criticisms every case. Respect Mariah! She has worked hard enough to deserve it by now.

    • shane

      this song could be number in mars but not here on earth

    • theman

      If no one was checking for her, then why are u commenting on her post? Obviously u are and so are the other sour ones. A song isn’t a flop if it has barely gone to radio. He keeps things in perspective for her as well.

    • carl

      I tried to like this song, I heard it on the radio the other day.. And I was forcing myself to bop my head but argh, its just not a good song imo 🙁

    • Looks good and purposeful rather than generic trash but we’ll see…

    • Inc.


    • FAB IT

      ahahaha now that the single is flopping people says it s a buzzz single? nada