New Song: No Doubt – ‘Push & Shove (Ft. Major Lazer & Busy Signal)’


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    No Doubt visits ‘On Air with Ryan Seacrest’.

    Throughout their career, the members of No Doubt have developed a reputation for working with a wide range of artists, particularly in the field of Reggae and Dancehall. Continuing this trend, the group enlisted Busy Signal and Major Lazer for a new song entitled, ‘Push & Shove’.

    Serving as the followup single to ‘Settle Down‘, ‘Push & Shove’ is the title track of No Doubt’s new album, which hits stores on September 25th. Remember when the track list of the set was released without any features? Well, Busy Signal’s addition to this song proves that there are many surprises in store.

    Listen to ‘Push & Shove’ below:

    Besides the fact that Busy Signal is pass his prime and no longer of major interest, ‘Push & Shove’ is simply too busy. The key changes, dips in tempo and noisy production make the song difficult to follow, and this is the opinion of me; a Trinidadian who listens to the ever so busy music of Soca on a daily basis.

    It seems as though the No Doubt foursome is a bit confused in trying to adapt their sound to the 2012 music climate and they are trying to hard. I’m don’t even want to imagine how ‘Push & Shove’ will sound during a live performance.

    Info via On Air with Ryan Seacrest!

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    • Yeah… that song is crap. Settle Down was way better. I agree with you, Trent. This record lacks focus and direction.

    • dania

      the best part of the song was busy signal! they could have done way better #notimpressed

    • AM!R

      Your review is null since the quality sucks….lets wait for the HQ version before we jump to any conclusions. On the flip side, I like what I hear so far from them

    • MyCooL

      2012- The year of FLOPS 🙁 Sad, but TRUE

    • Diva

      It sounds like 2 different songs mashed together. I like No Doubt so I hope there some good songs on the album. I’m still not too fond of the first single and I’m not feeling this either. =(

    • theman

      It’s not that bad, but the different tempo’s in the song makes things kinda confusing.

    • Mike


      They should really “push” their album date as Mumford & Sons will pretty much slay them the first week.

    • Koa

      The reason why you haven’t heard a lot from Busy lately is because he’s locked up; that doesn’t mean that he’s lost any popularity among fans of dancehall music or that he’s “pass his prime.” And you can’t blame him if you don’t like this track, his verse is the best part!

    • Far better than shitty “Settle Down”. Should have been lead single.

    • quarin

      The song is decent. btw, mumford and sons suck ass

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